Sunday, October 18, 2009


Okay...I did enjoyed my weekend well...
Just came back to Grandma's house at Sunway from Golden Horses Palace-the hotel I went yesterday.
Super duper tired.
I swam yesterday,and I swam today.
My arms and legs are tired,maybe it's bcuz' of my lazyness to exersice always...
There were 10 people who went to the hotel,they're my family and my cousins and their family.
We reached to the hotel at 1pm.
Then,we checked in at the hotel and we headed to our room...
Oh my...our room was like...
Very far away,far far away~
It was kinda boring sitting in the room doing nothing...
So...I took out all my books and started reading.==
What...I am not suppose to study as I am on my vacation isn't it?
No way...I was too boring...I will die doing nothing.
Anyway,I just managed to study a few pages...Xp
Around 3pm,the weather was nice,so the adults asked us to go and swim.
After I changed my clothes into my swimming suit,teh shy starts crying. =,= was damn cold in the hotel and I was wearing my bikini??
Hah...luckily..the rain was not a heavy one and it stops very fast.
Good,I wanna burn my fats and my calories! XD
Opps...I forgot to exercise before I get into the water...
My arms and muscle! XO
Duh...I still don't dare to play with the slide. ==
They were playing with it like...happily and I was just sitting in the pool and watched them play...
I just don't have the guts to get onto the slide! I am scared!
It reminds me of something very embarrasing which happens in this opening year.
Erm...we went to the same place this year and...the same thing happened.
Last time,I don't have guts to play with the slide...
And the same thing was,they were enjoying the slide much.
They convinced me to have a try to play thye slide...
So...I have been convinced and...
I went to have a try.
I keep on telling myself that...
A person should try many things in their life,do not waste your life.
So...this was how I comfort myself.
I went up to the top of the slide...And I sat down slowly...
I can feel my heart beat...It's getting faster and faster. TT
Help...I was dying...
So...nothing happens after I sat down onto the top of the slide...
Bcuz...I just sat down and doing nothing..
I don't dare to slide down to the pool!
What if I am too heavy,what if nthe water splash is super huge?
What if my pp gets hurt?
What if I can't slide down and 'kek' in the middle of the slide?
Oh my God...I can't do it! It's killing me!
I sat on ot for more than 10 minutes...And I gave up. =.=
I can't do it...I can't slide...
TT And this time,they asked me to slide again and I said 'NO'.
No No No.
Sorry to dissapointing you all but...NO!.><.
Ahh...what a hot day...
I am sweating already...
Oh my...I am tired...keep on yawning.
I slept at 12.30am last night..
We were watching 'Transformer 2'..when the sory goes until the middle,I can't last anymore so I slept.
Plus I went for a swim again just now...I have used up my energy...
So...the conclusion is -- Steph's beat! to go for a rest...
I don't wanna become a panda.
So...good night guys.
Ciaoz + Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends.


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