Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ponteng Sekolah

Okay...I am going to play truant tomorrow again...
There's nothing to do in the class...
I will just feeling tired and sleepy sitting there doing nothing...==
Yesh,I can slepp more and longer tomorrow! XD
Anyway,I am still going back to school for my dance practice tomorrow...
I scared I will not remember all the steps ah...
Sei lo...Recall faster...==
Went to McD just now...My God...I love Fillet-o-fish very much.
I love the bread on the top!
It just look so cute! XD And round! XDD
I am going to be fat if I am comtinue eating this always...Jangan makan lagilah u.
Having violin class later...have to practice later,I am not going to be scolded. Hmph! XO
Great,I got 100 bucks in pet lotery. ^^
Okay...just finish playing Pet society...
I get a cherry and a coconut today. :)
Erm...I am still very full I taken McD as my lunch just now...
So I decided to skip my dinner.^^
Okay...let's skip,if I can stand from the 'calling' of the food. XD
That's all for now,goodbye my hellow friends.


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