Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Funny Present

Today,Shahrul gave me a very very special as a gift of apologize.
Erm...actually...something had happened between me and him yesterday...
He hit his table on my head...==
When he came in class after morning's assembly yesterday,he was deciding to sit besides Kar Yee.
So,he went to take his very own desk and...
When he was going to pass by my row beside me,he took his desk up and wanted to cross the row...then something had happened...
The desk he took bang on my head because he did not saw me..? head was like...pain and...
After an hour,I started to feel dizzy.=o=
Gosh...I did feel scared,I scared that something will happened on me and my head! XO
Luckily it had become okay after a few hours...phew...
Oh yea,he still owe me 2 Nando's! WAHAHA! XD
My Nando's!!! Gimme back my Nando's! XD
So exiting,hahah!
Opps...yea...back to the 'very special gift' thingy.
You know what?
He gave me a tin of 'Honey Lemon Drops',I mean sweets.
He gave me sweets as an apologize present?? O.o
How cute is he..==
Anyway,he gave me the very right thing for today.
Miss Tang had lose her voice today,and those sweets are useful and helpful for her throat,and I gave her 3.^^
Hopefully she will get back her voice soon,take care my dear Miss Tang! XD
And I shared them to my friends too. ^^
Duh...and something had happened again.=o=
I lost the present.TT
I think I had left it in the classroom...
Cuz I forgot whether I took it out from class or not already...
I am so clumsy and forgetful! My God!
I wanted to give Ben some cuz his throat was not feeling so well but I can't cuz I had lost them!
What a funny story I have...duh...
Forgetful pig = me.
Nando's! I want 2!
I will remember it until you pay 'them' for me,huh!
Time for dinner,gtg,toodles~
P.S: Take care,I mean those who are not feeling quite well.


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