Wednesday, September 30, 2009


These days,my stomach pain like hell.
And I know what's goin on...
And 'it' did happened to me in school just now...
Duh...the oain is like...on and off and...=o=
It does hurts.
When I was walking back from school just now,walao...
The pain was like...I have no idea how to describe it.
Listening to "party in USA" by Miley Cyrus,lovin' it,kinda.
She's young,same age as me and my peers.
The different between us is,my singing sucks? Yeah,kinda.
She's a foreign girl and I am a Chinese.
And her hair is gold but mine is black.
Our backgrounds are totally different and...bla~
She do sings well,it's good to have such a good results in her life as she's still young.
Feels like listening to 'I wanna' by The all american rejects,sweet and nice. XD
'I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you,you wanna touch me too.'
That's one of a part of 'I wanna'.
Playing Pet society now,visited all 'active' friends.
I have 87 activers today,lesser than yesterday,hah,maybe they are busying.
Gosh...stomach feels weird...
Am I hungry or pain?
DUH...facebook dc-ing...==
Listening to 'obsessed' by Mariah Carey.
Kakak said that she felt sleepy whenever she hears this song.
No ah,quite nice ah,I didn't feel sleepy also.^^'s all for today.
I am hungry.
*Steph has changed into food seeker! RRRUUUUNNNNNNNNNN! XO *
Muacks,love ya. X3


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