Thursday, September 24, 2009

Art Exam

Okay...I will be having my art exam tonight...
Nervous and scared!
I did practised to draw something out and I did not did them very well,I don't know what was I doing.
And that's what makes me feel bad and have no confident.'s gonne be a hard night.
Hopefully God will help me and stay by my side tonight.
Hungry...kakak haven't done her cooking yet...duh..
What takes her so long??!
I am super hungry! ARGH!
Can't wait! I hate to wait!!!
Okay...what's next...
Oh yea,I am going for a movie tomorrow...
Maybe G-force,cuz the hamsters look cutie! XD
Anyway,I would like to watch 'The Final Destination' too...
Cuz it sounds cool and...Erm...
Great. And exiting. Yea,hahah...
Duh...stop shouting you stomach.
Pet society time.^^
I wanna earn money,I wanna increase my EXP point. >w<
Muahaha...although it is kinda boring sometimes but...
That's the only game I can play.
And I don't play other games.
I turned her grey yesterday,and she looks cutie.^^
Visiting an invisible guy...I wonder why he cicn;t showed his face...I mean the pet.
Okay...and now,my cousin sis's turn. XD
Her house is full,always.
Can't wait for tomorrow. XD
And something exiting to share...
I am going to Taylor College this Saturday! XD
Seeking for hot guys...Hahah! XD Kiddin!
Just take a look,girls will do that,all? Perhaps. XD
Cannot last anymore...I must eat now...I must eat something.
Otehrwise,I will become insane.
Have to go,goodbye guys.


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