Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It was an unforgettable day.
Today's Andrew's first day having his UPSR exam.
He seems very calm but actually,he was very nervous!
He can't even sleep yesterday night and I was shocked because he use to get into his dream veru fast,that was kinda...unbelievable.
I felt pity towards him,hopefully everything will be alright.
3 days only,don't be nervous!
Anyway,he was still playing the computer games just now...
Nervous??? Hmm...suspicious...O.o
He's so lazy!
Duh...as his sis,I will also pray for him and wish him good luck,but all these things are not controlled by me,it's all depends on him and how he treat his exam.
May God bless him.
Hmm...what about my life...
Ah ha...exam's coming soon...so fast! >.<
It was like..we just received all the monthly test exam papers and another 'bigger thing' is just around the corner and waiting for us! And for me!
Exam is a waste of paper,and it is not environmental friendly.
Not evrry subjects are every students' favorite right?
Thats' it! Why can't we choose the one that we like the most and study very hard for the favorite subject?
If you want that to be your future,then why can't they just pick their favorite subjects and study that particullar subject only?
For me,I think that will be much more better...but I know that it is very impossible.
Anyway...we still can learn many different things from different subjects.
That's what make me felling guilty.=o=
Recently,I always listen to these songs...
Because they are nice...
For example,BBmak's back here & ghost of you and me,Bowling for soup's when we die,Brain Littrel's welcome home you,Buckcherry's sorry,Jojo's not that kinda girl and never say goodbye and ect...
Form5s' are still having their trial exam...and today is the 6th day...9 days to move on! >.<
I can imagine my 'form5 me' now...
Gosh...calm down,I know you can do it,just...calm down,chill,relax and take a deep breath..
Gogogo,let's go take my dinner!
Ola. Au rev. Love YA!!!


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