Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holidae! XD

Great,the hols is coming again. So happy. XD
Thanks to the governments,love you all!
They made Friday a holiday,wakaka,can skip Pn.Samini's boring Physics class,can skip Mr.Tham's even boring Chemistry class,can skip Mr.Yap's 'very tough' add maths class and finally,En.Ku Zailan's 'kinda stupid' bio class.
Especially Mr.T's class...I may fall asleep everytime he teaches,gosh...
*Sorry Mr.T!* XO
Went to duty today...lazy lah...=o=
Reached home at 3.30pm,the weather's HOT. Hate it.
Okay...although tomorrow is a holiday,but I still have to go back to school for 'Kush-kush' -- hindi dance from 9am to 11am.
Have to wake up early. >.<
Miss the dance,I wonder if I could still remember all those steps... X3
I'm so 'new' violin has arrived!!! X;D
Oh is so beautiful...the stripes,the colour,the case...?
Yesh,nice. Kinda love it. =)
Anyway,I have to get my parents' 'approval' to 'announce' that the violin is mine.
They have to take a look and observe the violin first.
Hopefully they will agree with my opinion,it's really nice.'s kinda 'costly' also...1600++...heheh...XD
Papa mama,come back faster,let's take a look at the beautiful instrument I have.
Okay...I'm having my violin class at 8 later...lazy to practice...>.<
Feel like watching a movie...
It is my first art exam this Saturday.
The title of the paint is -- 'Garden'.
I know what am I going to paint,calm down girl,you can do it! XD
I just learned art for 3 months...hopefully I can do well.
Gtg,take care guys.
Happy hols & Selamat Hari Raya.


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