Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank you mother

I'm so glad that I have a understanding and good mother.
When I was upset,she stays beside me and comfort me.
She told me:"no matter what happens,daddy and I will always love you and support you."
That happens on last saturday which was open day.
I didn't score well and achieved good results this time,I was really upset.
I was wondering,maybe that was all my fault,I shloudn't be in 4A.
Maybe I am too lazy,and I have a lots of work to do,I am always busy and have no time to rest and revise.
Now I know,that all my fault,it's my attitude,I am always being lazy.
I know I should change myself,but it's hard.
And now,I am trying my best to change to a better Stephanie.
I know I can do it with my mum and my dad's support.
I shouldn't search for any excuses for not facing my homework and my studies anymore.
I want to achieve my dreams.
I've talked to my mum last night,and I get into bed late last night.
My mum aksed me about my plannings for my coming days.
I've changed my plan and my life after tkaing my report card.
I've foung that I'm not only lazy but also lack of time due to tuition classes.
That's why I had cut down on my tuition classes.
Maybe self-study would be better.
I have more time now,I am happy.
I have promised myself to get a better result in the next exam.
Luckily I have you mother,otherwise I will be suffering myself.
I am sorry if I ever hurt you,I really didn't mean it.
Thanks for everything you've gave me,I will not forget them forever.
No matter what I did in the future,I hope that you will stay beside me and guide me to the right path.
I am sorry if I did anything wrong and I hope that you will forgive me.
I know what I should do,I am a big girl now,I can think.
Please don't be so worry about me,I want you to enjoy your life.
I am glad that I'm your daughter,I am proud to have a mother like you.
What I wanna say is...
I will not cry,I will be tough and strong cuz I've grown up.
I hope you will always guide me in the future and we will continue our life happily ever after.
At last,I wanna tell you something...
Thank you for everything.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

R.I.P Micheal Jackson

I was so shock when I heard of the news of MJ's death.
At first I do not believe at all,but after I watched the night news...
His death is a big lost for everybody.
He was such a wonderful pop star,he had his very own style,he was being very 'him'.
For me,I don't really like his face and his hairstyle.
I feel weird and I though that he looks better before he 'changed' his 'colour'.
Actually,he changed his skin colour in order for one of his album.
He just wanted to change the colour of some of his parts.
Unfortunately,due to the chemical reactions,his whole body had changed colour from black to white.
Besides,he had been through many plastic surguries,6 times for his nose and 4 times on his face.
His hair was like...curly and long and looks wet.
He loves to wear a hat on top of his head.
He loves to wear long pants which is short.
He loves to dance and shout when he's singing.
I love his dance especially 'moonwalk'.
His legs are superb and fantastic!
His movements expressed himself to the highest point,that's Micheal Jackson.
I love his 'Thriller' and 'You're not alone'.
'Thriller' makes me rock and 'you're not alone 'touches my heart.

His life was not easy.
He had 2 marriage failures and he has 3 children.
His first marriage last for only 2 years and their marriage had came to an end on 1996.
He married with a make up artist in the same year and 3 kids had born.
2 of them are boys and the other one is a girl.
Besides,he has a lot of negative news and he lost a lot of money too.
And now,he had leave all of us.
I hope he will live a peaceful life in the heaven.
His music will always be in my heart,may God bless him.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hari Terbuka

Today is the day which most of the students are scared of -- HARI TERBUKA.
I am not very scared,and I don't know why,I have no feelings.
The number of students who came to school today are very less.
Less than half number of total morning section students came,you imagine.
For me,it is not nessary for students to attend the class on Hari Terbuka.
First,there will be very less students.
Second,the teachers can't really teach bcuz' the number of students are very less.
Third,the students are lazy to listen what the teachers are teaching.
No point to come to school what,isn't it?
Anyway,I really had fun at school today.
During Chemistry period,we begged Miss Lim not to teach today.
We 'won' and we had a great fun time singing with friends.
We sang very loudly and we did not care what's happening around the class.
This is a life which a secondary school students should have.
To enjoy and have fun always,making fun with friends,chit-chatting,that is fun!
We can take our results after recess time.
I was waiting for my mum,she's late.
Finally,my mum arrived.
After taking my results,she wanted to see my add maths teacher Mr.Yap.
Oh my God.......
What is she thinking......
I was so scared and worried,maybe she just wanna talk with Mr.Yap.
Chill girl,chill.
They had talked for about 50mins.
Oh gosh...so long.
They were discussing about my results,discuss why my results are not good and discuss about what I should do.
I cried.
They had talked a lot and some part made me sad.
They comforted me and gave me support,I felt better.
On the way back,mum gave me some advises and tell me that she loves me,so do daddy.
They will support me and stay beside me no matter waht happened.
I was happy.
I promised myself to do better next time,I don't wanna make them worry about me and I don't wanna dissapointed them in the future.
I know that I can do it.
Go for it Steph,you can do anything.
Don't worry,be happy.

* loves and supports*

Friday, June 26, 2009

You're not sorry

This is one of my favorite song.
It is a song by Taylor Swift.
* you're not sorry *
Try to listen to it,I bet you will like it as I am.-^^-

All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around
I've been giving out chances everytime and all you do is let me down
And its taking me this long but baby I figured you out
And you think it will be fine again but not this time around

You don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don't want to hurt anymore
And you can tell me that you're sorry
But I won't believe you baby like I did before
You're not sorry no more,no more,no

Lookin' so innocent
I might believe you if I didn't know
Could'a loved you all my life
If you hadn't left me waiting in the cold
And you got your share of secrets
And i'm tired of being the last to know
And now you're askinh me to listen
Cuz its worked each time before

But you don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don't want to hurt anymore
And you can tell me that you're sorry
But I don't believe like I did before
You're sorry no noo no noo
You're sorry no noo no noo

You had me calling for you honey
And it never would've gone away no
You used to shine so bright
But I watched our love it fade

So you don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
There's nothing left to beg for
And you can tell me that you're sorry
But I won't believe you like I did before
You are not sorry no ohh...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers' AWSOME!!!

I've watched 'Transformers' yerterday.
I have only 1 word to say...
That was AWSOME~!!!
After school,me and a big gang of friends went to Mid Valley by taking KTM for the movie 'Transformers'.
The movie starts at 2pm.
Oh my God,we were rushing and rushing and rushing,keep on blaming and wondering that what took the train so long.
All of us were impatient.
I wanna get to the cinema on time,I don't wanna miss a second!
Finally,the train has come at 1.30pm,our hope!
I was hoping that all of us can been to the cinema on time...and worrying.
(I don't know what makes me so worried either.)
After 20 mins,we reached Mid Valley finally.
We used our fastest speed to raced to the top floor where the cinema belongs.
After buying a 'Rotiboy' and a 5 ringgit caramel popcorn,at last,the time has come for us to enter the first cinema...
Can't wait! Exited! Argh!!!
The movie starts after we took our seat.
*moving of mouths and chewing of popcorns*
The movie ends at 4.35pm.
It was long,but it worths!!!
The movie was totally.....
& COOL!!!
I wanna watch it again,if I had a chance...
There are new 2 autobots and they are twins.
I remember them well bcuz' they are so cute.^^
One of them is green and the other 1 is red.
I have forgotten their names....
They keep on fighting and wanna prove to each other that he is stronger than the other one.
I don't wanna say anything else about the movie,you have to watch it by yourself.
You will never ever regret in your whole life after watching it.^^
Don't miss this chance,let's go enjoy this movie with your friends or families bcuz' it was GREAT!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My name's secret

S: you are very broad-minded.
T: you have an attitude,a big one.
E: you are a very exiting person.
P: you are very friendly and understanding.
H: you are not judgemental.
A: you can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
N: you like to work,but you always want a break.
I: you are always smilling and making others smile.
E: you are a very exiting person.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


What does the word 'HAPPY' means?
It is a kind of joyfulness and it warms your heart.
Your heart will feel comfortable and is willing to accept the people besides you.
If you feel happy,you will smile automatically.
That's the true feelings in your heart and it's being expressed and shown by your very own actions and expressions.

Our heart is a big lock.
It needs to be opened by a key.
The key of happiness.
Don't lock your heart whenever you feel sad and needs help and comfort.
You have to search for your 'key of happiness'.
Everyone has their very own key,all of them are different.
So,you have to search for it and you will find your own happiness.

It is easy to be happy,it is just depends on you and your heart.
Depends on how you think and how you do.
Let's look into the mirror and smile. ^w^
You see,that is so beautiful,that is so real,that is you.
When you smile,you will feel like the world is just in your hands,and you believe that you can do anything with your smile.
Smile brings not only happiness but also confidence too.
The true smile from your heart is the most powerful weapon and the most beautiful thing you have ever had.
So why not move your lips and smile now?
It's easy,you just need to practice it more,and you will have the sweetest and most beautiful smile in your life.

It's easy to be happy.
What you have to do is open your heart widely and let the angels touches your heart,warm your heart,and comfort your heart.
Forget anything which hurts you and makes you sad.
We live for our FUTURE,not our pass.
Open your eyes widely and look at your dreams,think of what you want.
Ready,get set,and go!
Chase your dreams like a flying butterfly.
One day,you will realised that your life have changed and you will become happier.
Your life will be coloured by beautiful colours and beautiful pictures with musics surrounding it.
It's magical,it's lovely.

Believe yourself,believe that you can make it,you can success,and you can have your dreams come true.
Just be happy,it means everything.
If you are feeling upset or facing some problems in your life,think,think of it nicely and try to solve it with the people besides you.
You will feel happy and cheerful again.
Believe yourself.
Be happy,and that's all.^^

*Happiness makes life great*

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peperiksaan Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah

Woke up early in the morning today...
Maybe I have used to the time I usually wakes every morning.
A word to describe myself now -- TIRED~!!!
I must sleep early today after my 'CUCUMBER MASK' kisses my face~ -^^-
Today is the day which PBSM members are taking their first exam. (nervous...)
I didn't managed to finish study all the exam notes given a few days ago...
And the notes given are beautifully 'posing' on my book shelve,beautiful,very beautiful.

First,our tutor Mr. Zul had teaches us some basics and rescue tips and ways.
It was interesting,yes.
But sitting on the laborotary chair for hours was not fun! At all!!!
Besides,he had showed us many scary and pityful pictures....
Real human beings!
Those pictures were...bloody.

There was a picture which shows a man who had been thrown out from his Honda in an accident.
He was dead and bleeding.
The road was flood by his blood,blood from his veins,arteries and capillaries.
His head has no upper part and left deep a big hole there.
Keep bleeding...
His face were not a face anymore. (I don't know how to describe. Sorry.)
Do you wanna know where was his brain?
Yes. His brain was accidently 'left' in his car,and i was wondering why,why there.
The brain was pink in colour...looks like super small size intestine or 'chee cheong fun'.
Both of his arms were broken and tilted into different 'shapes'.
It's painful!!!
That was the most serious case I had ever seen in my life.

The time has come...time to sit for the exam.
What makes me suprised and happy was -- we may discuss with our friends!
I mean only the friend who is sitting beside you.
Never mind,I've got a capable friend.^^
An hour was given for us to answer all the 50 questions.
Tic - tac - tic - tac
The time flows by,an hours has gone.
Time to reveal the answers.
After discussing,I was happy with my results.
I PASSED MY EXAM! And I am the highest in the class!
Actually there were 3 of us who got the same result.
Congrats guys~ -^^-

Time for dinner.
Bye guys.^^

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi guys,I'm new here.

Hi,I am Stephanie,I am new here.
Erm...first of all...I would like to introduce myself...
My name is Stephanie Choo Min Hua,I am 16.
I live in my house,and I uses my phone always.
I love food,and I enjoy eating food.
End of story.

Erm...besides eating,I enjoyed playing violin too.
Violin is beautiful.
It produce beautiful music which heals your soul.
*voice of angels*
Violin can express our feelings no matter how u feel.
When I am playing my violin,I feel fun and happy.
Just like we are dancing with the notes on the music stand.
Bars by bars,lines by lines.
By holding the fingerboard with my left hand and the bow with my right hand,
I feel great,and I feel the spirit of it,of my violin.

I love autumn.
I love fall leaves flying in the air...maple leaves...
They dance gracefully and happily.
Freedom,that is it.
It reminds me of a scene of 'Winter Sonata'.
A beautiful and romantic love story which touches my heart.
And that's it.

I am a December baby princess.
*Princess of snow*
I was born on 10 of December of the year 1993.
It is a cock year.
But I am a baby chick,neither a cock nor a hen.
Cuz' I am young.
So,I am a Sagi,Sagittarius.
Who holds an arc in 'her' hands,prepare to shoot 'her' dream in 'her' future.
So now you get to know my birthday.
Don't forget my present.^^