Sunday, June 21, 2009


What does the word 'HAPPY' means?
It is a kind of joyfulness and it warms your heart.
Your heart will feel comfortable and is willing to accept the people besides you.
If you feel happy,you will smile automatically.
That's the true feelings in your heart and it's being expressed and shown by your very own actions and expressions.

Our heart is a big lock.
It needs to be opened by a key.
The key of happiness.
Don't lock your heart whenever you feel sad and needs help and comfort.
You have to search for your 'key of happiness'.
Everyone has their very own key,all of them are different.
So,you have to search for it and you will find your own happiness.

It is easy to be happy,it is just depends on you and your heart.
Depends on how you think and how you do.
Let's look into the mirror and smile. ^w^
You see,that is so beautiful,that is so real,that is you.
When you smile,you will feel like the world is just in your hands,and you believe that you can do anything with your smile.
Smile brings not only happiness but also confidence too.
The true smile from your heart is the most powerful weapon and the most beautiful thing you have ever had.
So why not move your lips and smile now?
It's easy,you just need to practice it more,and you will have the sweetest and most beautiful smile in your life.

It's easy to be happy.
What you have to do is open your heart widely and let the angels touches your heart,warm your heart,and comfort your heart.
Forget anything which hurts you and makes you sad.
We live for our FUTURE,not our pass.
Open your eyes widely and look at your dreams,think of what you want.
Ready,get set,and go!
Chase your dreams like a flying butterfly.
One day,you will realised that your life have changed and you will become happier.
Your life will be coloured by beautiful colours and beautiful pictures with musics surrounding it.
It's magical,it's lovely.

Believe yourself,believe that you can make it,you can success,and you can have your dreams come true.
Just be happy,it means everything.
If you are feeling upset or facing some problems in your life,think,think of it nicely and try to solve it with the people besides you.
You will feel happy and cheerful again.
Believe yourself.
Be happy,and that's all.^^

*Happiness makes life great*