Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers' AWSOME!!!

I've watched 'Transformers' yerterday.
I have only 1 word to say...
That was AWSOME~!!!
After school,me and a big gang of friends went to Mid Valley by taking KTM for the movie 'Transformers'.
The movie starts at 2pm.
Oh my God,we were rushing and rushing and rushing,keep on blaming and wondering that what took the train so long.
All of us were impatient.
I wanna get to the cinema on time,I don't wanna miss a second!
Finally,the train has come at 1.30pm,our hope!
I was hoping that all of us can been to the cinema on time...and worrying.
(I don't know what makes me so worried either.)
After 20 mins,we reached Mid Valley finally.
We used our fastest speed to raced to the top floor where the cinema belongs.
After buying a 'Rotiboy' and a 5 ringgit caramel popcorn,at last,the time has come for us to enter the first cinema...
Can't wait! Exited! Argh!!!
The movie starts after we took our seat.
*moving of mouths and chewing of popcorns*
The movie ends at 4.35pm.
It was long,but it worths!!!
The movie was totally.....
& COOL!!!
I wanna watch it again,if I had a chance...
There are new 2 autobots and they are twins.
I remember them well bcuz' they are so cute.^^
One of them is green and the other 1 is red.
I have forgotten their names....
They keep on fighting and wanna prove to each other that he is stronger than the other one.
I don't wanna say anything else about the movie,you have to watch it by yourself.
You will never ever regret in your whole life after watching it.^^
Don't miss this chance,let's go enjoy this movie with your friends or families bcuz' it was GREAT!

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