Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My first backstage experience

Inti College is now 25 years old! It is an 'adult college' now,lol :P As what I have mentioned in my previous post,there's a fashion show in Inti as a celebration which was on last Saturday night. And we,the sem2 students had the chance to be as the backstage helpers. Dress code of the day: BLACK. Our duty was to -- strip the models off and dress them up and strip them off again and dress them up again. LOL,are you confused? No you aren't. 

There were 2 outfits for each models,so they had to change right after they cat walked in the first outfit. And that's the nervous part. If you didn't change the models on time,then 'jialat liao'. Yes,we were really striping the models off,but at that moment,we had no time to think of anything except to change them as fast as possible. The only guy in our class -- Mr.ah four,I don't know whether I should pity him or feeling lucky for him or not,you get what I mean? Hahaha :D

The pics shall do the talk now,heh ;3

The models we were in charge of.
Mine was not Angie,she was replaced by Miss Franklyn.
There were a total of 12 models,6 of them are professional models and they are from Loreal company. 
Whereas the other 6 models are students from our own college,2 of them are my classmates Nadia and Mizue,how lucky of them! :P

Make up session.
McD was our lunch/dinner,they supplied :)

The beautiful garments to be presented.
I can't wait to make my own garments! XD

Who is this tattoo all over the hands guy?
Hohoho,this is our Mr.Daddy -- Ez Azren
I have mentioned about him in my posts before,he is the rocker lecturer! XD
He wears black everyday,I mean every single day,without fail.
From the way he styled himself up,you will know what character he has,LOL.
Well,he is a rocker,but a nice one,our nice dada :P
He looked strict and fierce,but it's just an impression,do not be cheated by him,lol!

I was in charged of this set of garment.
The designer is Matilda,she is one of our best student in PJCAD.
Although she is graduated recently,but she is still actively helping out in school activities.
I wanna be like her someday,I wanna win competitions,I wanna get famous,I wanna get noticed,I wanna be known as a great designer,and big big companies will want to have me as one of their designer.
My dreams,I will make you come true,I promise :)

Look at the details if the flowers,Matilda made them all by herself.
That was her winning garment in one of the design competition,and the dress has been shown in a few fashion shows as well. 
It is an awesome piece of work,well done senpai!

Miss YY and her model Mizue,one of our clasasmate.
How lucky of her to be one of the model! :D

Jun,Sharen and Vivien.

Me and my in charged garment.
Spot the puffy cancan skirt,that's the second piece for my model :)

Hohoho,daddy's styling up the model's hair.
Looking pro man! XP

Karina's model,Luxanne and me.
Holy God,she is so tall *the heels lol*.

Meet Hari and Amm!
They were the guy models and they have awesome body shape.
They are both tall,skinny and SKINNY
I want their legs especially Amm's! T.T

Mizue! Pretty right?
She looked so fierce,hahaha :P

Smiling face better,hahaha :D

I am almost as tall as her,weeeee~~~
*ignore my feet*

The model,Matilda the designer and me.
Nice pic,loving both the dresses made by Matilda (that was the second piece)! :D

The show was quite good,but too bad,we didn't get to see the show :(
Can't wait for more shows,can't wait! 

The runway. 
It is actually a corridor,lol.

There was a motorsport event,cars and motorbikes were all over the square.
*I hate the sound of the engines =.=!!*

Meet Karina,YY,Jean,Viv and Tasha.
Pretty girls!

Thank God the weather was fine.

Outfit of the day -- everything black.
Top black,shoes black,lace panty hose black,bag also black.
Black black black,LOL.

Fashion crew :3

Tired me was finally home at 10pm.

Yes,it was a tiring day. 
And I ended it with a --



au revior,
Stephanie C.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jean's farewell party

One of our lovely classmate,Jean was leaving our college yesterday. Fashion might not be her dream,so she has decided to stop and think of what she really wants for her future. Viv,her close friend in class have planned a surprise farewell party for her yesterday @Secret Recipe. Secret Recipe is the best place for any celebrations,lol :P 

We went for figure drawing class in the morning as usual. Before the class ends,all of us already say goodbye to Mr.John,our lecturer XD We had to reach Secret Recipe earlier than Jean because it's a surprise. Pity Mr.John,lols. *Who ask you to call me sampat?! XD*

We took our orders and waited for her arrival. She arrived a quarter after that I guess. Her meal,our treat :P Guess what I have ordered? You will not believe it... I have ordered...KID'S FISH AND CHIPS. Hahahahahahaha!!! I am still a kid! XD Yok Yee aka kak Jo ordered kid's meal as well,we are kids...LMAO X'D

We chit chatted and took some pictures in Secret Recipe. It's my first time eating with Jean,and it might be the last time too :( I will miss you Jean,wishing you a happy life and bright future. Take care! :')

Meet the lovely Jean :P

From mango delight to hazel cheese,and from oreo cheese to chocolate fudge.
Nomnomnomnomnom~ :D

Karina and I! 
Love her :P

YY and I.
Love her too! :D

Since we have ordered kid's meal...Ngek ngek ngek!
Do we look like kids? XD


Nadia,Silvia,Amanda and Jean.

Group pic!
Spot some silly faces,hahaha...

Group pic again ^^

Jean and I.
Take care hunnie! Do visit us often!

This shot was taken by me. 
Farewell Jean,have a bright and extraordinary future! 
All of us will miss you lotsss <3

Feeling nervous + exited for tomorrow's fashion show! 
Although I am just the backstage helper,
but I am sure that I will become one of the best designer for fashion shows one day! 
Work hard for your dream Stephieee! >;D

Stephanie C.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy Pig

So,we are done with our first 3 mood boards -- 'mass media','technology','influences' and there're more to go. 3 new mood boards with different titles were thrown to us again by Mr.big daddy yesterday. The titles are 'purity','authentic' and 'energy'. I would love to say,'HOLY PIG.' 

I have problems now -- I have ideas for em,but the thing is I have no idea how to print em out. Yes,print. We need to print the pics out and arrange and compose them into a nice order before we start making mood boards as daddy wants to make sure that our ideas are good enough to be proceeded. If you are wondering who the 'daddy' is,well,he is our styling and design lecturer. He is not teaching us styling but to design,I guess? Anyway,he is a cool guy with tattoos all around his body. Our dad XD

I have many ideas for purity,but I don't know which one to choose. Too much ideas is not a good thing also =.= Whereas the other 2,I still have to think out of the box. ARGH,they are cracking my head. Pity my brain cells :'(

This is me now,a girl + getting busier. There's an up coming fashion show and I will become one of the backstage helper. This will be my first time helping at the backstage. What we need to do is to strip the models off,and to dress them up again. Woots,I am nervous but i can't wait for it :p

Okay,that's all for now. I think I am only able to blog once a week due to the heavy amount of homework. Cheers.

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tupperware & Mooncakes

Thanks to Mr.Joel Wong. I have won the blog contest by Tupperware! XD It was a contest to design something like this :

Spot the thinking bubble? 
Yes,you have to fill it in with your creativity,you can do anything you like.
My design was 'a moon + a piece of cake = mooncake?'
Lol,hopefully you understand what I am talking about XD

2 mooncakes and 2 tupperware!
*I am kind of a mooncake freak! XD *

The box!
'Tupperware brands'.

Top view.
Quite Chinese feel :P

The mooncakes!
I never knew that Tupperware company produces their own mooncakes :)

And finally,this is the tupperware.
It is see through at the bottom and it is breakable *I think so*.
I'd better handle them with care! :D

Thanks again for liking me design. Gonna get really busy these days...


I need fresh air.

au revoir,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today is mooncake day,woots! XD Happy mid-autumn festival to everyone on earth~ I bet most of the Chinese families have had family dinners right? My family had it yesterday. As usual,there're a lots of meaty dishes... Yummy but FATTENING! >< 

My uncles and cousins reached at around 5pm yet I was still doing my sketching work =.= We have to draw a total of 48 human figures in a week! This is counted as kind hearted already,Mr.John hasn't show his 'trueself' yet :O Wookay,shall let the pics to do the talkie talkie :3

These were the dishes for the 'adults'. 
As the eldest grandchild,I sat together with my brothers and cousins at the other table.
'Kids' table' kononnya :o

As you can see,there're only 2 dishes of vegetables and one vegetarian fried ball,the rest were all meat.

After dinner,I went playing lantern and candles with my cousins. Err,I didn't play because I was lazy :P Miss the old times when I was still playing with candles on the floor and lighting up my beautiful lanterns... 

Cousin Huihui and Tongtong.
They are sisters :D


Jelly mooncakes!
They tasted just nice,not too sweet and boing boing enough :)

Love this mooncake from Dynasty Hotel,it's lotus paste + yolk.
My fav mooncake ^^

My aunts.
I wonder why aged 40 plus women like to cut their hair short =.=

Besides mooncake day,today is my brother's birthday too! Happy birthday to you and stay good :o

Wishing all of you 中秋节快乐!!
Eat more mooncakes then start your diet! XD

au revoir,