Thursday, September 8, 2011

My first sewing class

Attended my very first sewing class yesterday. IT WAS FUN! XD How good if I knew how to sew before this,it would be much better and easier :X Now I know what 机 in English is,it is called 'overlock machine'! XD

This is the overlock machine.
It might sound scary when it is operating,but it is so much fun when you 'play' with it! :D
I love + heart + sayang this machine!

So,I brought all my materials and sewing equipments to college and started doing what Miss Angel asked us to do. It was my first time using an electric sewing machine,the machine was quite scary when I first used it,lol :P

It depends on how you control the paddle,the more you step onto the paddle,the faster the needle will go. At first,it's hard to control the speed *first time ma*. I believe my skills will get better,SOON! XD

Karina playing with the sewing machine fixing the bobbin :P

The 'scary' sewing machine'. It was so tiring because your feet has to step onto the paddle and you have to control the speed of the needles with your not so strong strength. So complicated huh? :P 

I thought sewing is hard and tough,I was wrong. It is so much fun and I enjoy doing it. I can't wait to start sewing the hand stiches BUT I have to rush Mr.Azren's work first,sigh :( 

In conclusion :

au revior,


  1. So fun! I wish to have one since long time ago..><
    Good luck babe! ;)

  2. Haha afterall practice makes perfect :D
    and when you do master sewing, do make a blogger shirt everyone, :DD