Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm sick

I am sick :( Had fever and a terrible sore throat yesterday and the worst thing was,I had to complete my school work because I have to hand them in by today! 

Felt drowsy in college for the whole day yesterday. Although I drank A LOT of water,but it didn't help at all,it got worse pulak. 

Got back home at 6.45pm yesterday,was exhausted + no appetite to eat dinner due to the pain of my throat. Requested mummy to bring me to the clinic and guess what,I bumped into miss Tan Xue Ren! XD Take care of your nose babe! Had some medicines after that and HAD TO CONTINUE WITH MY WORK UNTIL LATE NIGHT... =.=

Anyway,I am glad that everything is done now and I feel so relieved and happy :D Thank God that I am feeling better now,unlike yesterday,wanna talk also difficult.

Take care of yourselves people,have a nice day!

Au revoir,