Wednesday, September 30, 2009


These days,my stomach pain like hell.
And I know what's goin on...
And 'it' did happened to me in school just now...
Duh...the oain is like...on and off and...=o=
It does hurts.
When I was walking back from school just now,walao...
The pain was like...I have no idea how to describe it.
Listening to "party in USA" by Miley Cyrus,lovin' it,kinda.
She's young,same age as me and my peers.
The different between us is,my singing sucks? Yeah,kinda.
She's a foreign girl and I am a Chinese.
And her hair is gold but mine is black.
Our backgrounds are totally different and...bla~
She do sings well,it's good to have such a good results in her life as she's still young.
Feels like listening to 'I wanna' by The all american rejects,sweet and nice. XD
'I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you,you wanna touch me too.'
That's one of a part of 'I wanna'.
Playing Pet society now,visited all 'active' friends.
I have 87 activers today,lesser than yesterday,hah,maybe they are busying.
Gosh...stomach feels weird...
Am I hungry or pain?
DUH...facebook dc-ing...==
Listening to 'obsessed' by Mariah Carey.
Kakak said that she felt sleepy whenever she hears this song.
No ah,quite nice ah,I didn't feel sleepy also.^^'s all for today.
I am hungry.
*Steph has changed into food seeker! RRRUUUUNNNNNNNNNN! XO *
Muacks,love ya. X3


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Darn Hot Weather

Yesterday was a good day,I mean the weather was good...
There was rain,there was wind,there was thunder( I hates thunder ) and there was no electric current in our class...which leads to the meaning that -- teacher's not teaching! XD
I don't really love rainy day,but I do love cloudy day,days without sun is my favorite. X)
Wakled back home today...and it was freaking HOT!!!
I was like a bruned roasted pig standing under the hot sun with a small brown little umbrella...
UV rays! *guess what,I am finishing a packet of JIGS alone,syoknya! XD *
Okay okay...UV rays! Which will lead to skin cancer!
Which makes ones skin becomes dark!
Which makes ones temperature becomes worse and worse!
And I don't really like sweating dough...duh...
So I am home now...I feel so happy. XD
A friend of mine is sick.
Wishing my friend to recover asap,and please take care,drink more H2o and rest more.
Duh...sick again...last Monday only sick once and now sick again. =o=
You are not strong enough my dear.
Okay,time for my Asaban Festival album now,gtg.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Second Violin! XD

Okay...there's a good news to share...
I bought my new violin! XD
Sherlyn came to my house at 12 just now.
Avtually,she passed those 3 violins to my house 2 days ago and ask me to try to play and test the sounds and see.
Me and my dad had the same agreement,it says that -- the most expensive one is the best choice!
Erm...I love the pattern of the cheapest one.
The fine wooden stripes had attracted my heart,the art is fine,and the colour is bright golden,it's really nice.
But my dad,maybe because he is a man,he love the pattern of the most expensive one.
The stripes are wider and further apart and the colour is not as shiny as the one I like.
Sherlyn told me that it is a classical violin.
Anyway,I love the front piece of my dad's favorite.
There are 3 different prices,and they are very different.
The cheapest one costs 1690.
The middle one costs 2350.
The most expensive one costs 2850.
So...we -- my dad and I,we love the same one which is the most expensive one... XD first,I was worried about the price because it is kinda...
But I feel kinda delighted as my dad had the same opinion like me.
I love the sound produced by the violin.
The high and low pitch part is beautifully played.
Sherlyn also agreed with us,like what she said,a higher value thing will have a better quality.
So...after discussed for 2 and a half hour,finally,we had made our decision -- the most costly one will be my future partner in my music journey! XD
Tadah~ *claps*
Sitting in the living room for 2 and a half hour? Hahah...
It was pretty long...
Anyway,thanks to her for finding me such a good violin,although it is kinda expensive. X)
I will appreciate it and finally...
Thank you mama and papa.
Big Bears Hug


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Art Exam

Okay...I will be having my art exam tonight...
Nervous and scared!
I did practised to draw something out and I did not did them very well,I don't know what was I doing.
And that's what makes me feel bad and have no confident.'s gonne be a hard night.
Hopefully God will help me and stay by my side tonight.
Hungry...kakak haven't done her cooking yet...duh..
What takes her so long??!
I am super hungry! ARGH!
Can't wait! I hate to wait!!!
Okay...what's next...
Oh yea,I am going for a movie tomorrow...
Maybe G-force,cuz the hamsters look cutie! XD
Anyway,I would like to watch 'The Final Destination' too...
Cuz it sounds cool and...Erm...
Great. And exiting. Yea,hahah...
Duh...stop shouting you stomach.
Pet society time.^^
I wanna earn money,I wanna increase my EXP point. >w<
Muahaha...although it is kinda boring sometimes but...
That's the only game I can play.
And I don't play other games.
I turned her grey yesterday,and she looks cutie.^^
Visiting an invisible guy...I wonder why he cicn;t showed his face...I mean the pet.
Okay...and now,my cousin sis's turn. XD
Her house is full,always.
Can't wait for tomorrow. XD
And something exiting to share...
I am going to Taylor College this Saturday! XD
Seeking for hot guys...Hahah! XD Kiddin!
Just take a look,girls will do that,all? Perhaps. XD
Cannot last anymore...I must eat now...I must eat something.
Otehrwise,I will become insane.
Have to go,goodbye guys.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Holiday

Listening to Rick Price's 'heaven knows'.
It's a nice song. I spend my holidays? hols is kinda boring...nothing to do! XO
Lazy to study although exam is just around the corner.
Duh...I am going to burn my midnight oil during exam.
My fault,my lazyness.
Took a look at people's pics just now...duh...nothing else to do...
Miss Tang's homework...okay,I will do them tonight. TONIGHT!
Erm...whatelse...oh yea,I am going to Taylor College this Saturday! XD
Me,my bro,my cousin sis n cousin bro are going to see a cosplay of anime characthers and...
Just wanna take a look and see how they dress up themselves,hahah! XD
Oh yea...I am going to have my art exam tomorrow...
I haven't prepare everything yet...SH*T
I mean...I have the consept already and I have known the colours and..the whole figure but...
I don't know how to draw a old old dinasty's garden! And the bridge! XO
Tomorrow's the day...who can help me to search for them...urgent... TT
Thanks a lot,for your help,if.
Okay...nevermind,let me continue looking at people's pics...rather than doing nothing.
So...toodles! XD

P.S: enjoy your hols guys.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm sick

I'm sick. I got a fever.
Yesterday was a friday,we went to school for the hindi dance practice.
After that,I went for my lunch at 'Dessert Gogo' for the first time in my life.
Although I ate a little,but I feel so full!
And that doesn't sounded like me...cuz I do eat a lot.
After that,I went to my friend's house and came back at 6pm.
It was raining quite heavily at that time...and I had to walk to tuition myself at 7! >.<
When I reached tuition,I started to feel uncomfortable and dizzy.
After that,my body feels hot but I was cold,and my legs,my hands were cold,I was shivering..!
When the class finoshes,I suppose to attend Ju's birthday party,but I was so sick and I decided to pass her the present and go to see the doctor.
We waited at the chinic for half an hour because there were many patients.
When it was my turn,the doctor told me that I got a fever and my throat is red.
Okay...finally I know why was I feeling cold,hot and dizzy...blablabla. mum forgot to bring her purse...!
I mean money!
So...she told the doctor the truth...
Luckily the doctor is a good and kind man,hahah!
Mummy's so cute! XD
When I woke up today,I was feeling quite okay,I mean at first.
But after I ate my breakfast,my temperature rised again,and my throat was feeling worse.
I lay on the sofa then my bed for hours + TV...then finally I got better again.
I ate a fried chicken just now,hopefully I will be alright,hahah! X3
My mum and I went to 'the guitar shop' for my guitar just now.
I went to the shop yesterday and I fell in love with a beautiful + patterns + red guitar immediately.
Okay....that is so called COOL!!!
*heartbeat increasing*
Anyway,mummy said that it's kinda...costly...but I don't care...I want it.XD
She said have to bring daday along and see what he said.
Hopefully they will get that for me.XD
Oh my gosh...thunder...
Okay,daddy's back.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holidae! XD

Great,the hols is coming again. So happy. XD
Thanks to the governments,love you all!
They made Friday a holiday,wakaka,can skip Pn.Samini's boring Physics class,can skip Mr.Tham's even boring Chemistry class,can skip Mr.Yap's 'very tough' add maths class and finally,En.Ku Zailan's 'kinda stupid' bio class.
Especially Mr.T's class...I may fall asleep everytime he teaches,gosh...
*Sorry Mr.T!* XO
Went to duty today...lazy lah...=o=
Reached home at 3.30pm,the weather's HOT. Hate it.
Okay...although tomorrow is a holiday,but I still have to go back to school for 'Kush-kush' -- hindi dance from 9am to 11am.
Have to wake up early. >.<
Miss the dance,I wonder if I could still remember all those steps... X3
I'm so 'new' violin has arrived!!! X;D
Oh is so beautiful...the stripes,the colour,the case...?
Yesh,nice. Kinda love it. =)
Anyway,I have to get my parents' 'approval' to 'announce' that the violin is mine.
They have to take a look and observe the violin first.
Hopefully they will agree with my opinion,it's really nice.'s kinda 'costly' also...1600++...heheh...XD
Papa mama,come back faster,let's take a look at the beautiful instrument I have.
Okay...I'm having my violin class at 8 later...lazy to practice...>.<
Feel like watching a movie...
It is my first art exam this Saturday.
The title of the paint is -- 'Garden'.
I know what am I going to paint,calm down girl,you can do it! XD
I just learned art for 3 months...hopefully I can do well.
Gtg,take care guys.
Happy hols & Selamat Hari Raya.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


DUH...I am feelin kinda...blank. =o=
What happened to me?
O thought I am a SUPER cheerful person...hahah...
Just...I am feeling like...I don't know how to describe...
Can someone cheer me up? Or talk to me?
I need silly jokes...I need my crazy bang friends...I need a fight...I need a shoulder.
Duh...shoulders remind me of 'somethin'.
Wanted to write my blgo in chinese,thinks that I may express myself better in chinese as my English really sucks.
But I am too stupid perhaps,I don't know how to use chinese!
I tried to change and I did changed,but I still don't know how it works.
Read someone's blog just now,I really like reading her blog,I feels like...
I feels like we are so alike,in attitude,and in something...(but I don't know what thing is's just my feeling)
It's 5:36pm...evening...feeling hot...wanna take off all my clothes...
I bet I will feel super extraordinary 'cool',hahah^^
6 days left...form5 students,jia you bah!!!!!
Go on guys! All of you can do it! >w<
Oh's Pn.Amutha's birthday,wishing her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Hahah! C:
We manage to get her a new notebook as her present but Shanae decided to give her that gift tomorrow cuz' we have to search for more people to sign and wish her.
We were nervous,hahah! >w< scared that she will find out that we were preparing that for her.
BleBlek! XD
Good,Xueren and me skipped En.Ku Zailan's bio class bcuz' we were practising 'something' for Pn.Esah's retirement nest Wed.
We skipped Miss Tang's class too...feeling bad...>.<
Tomorrow,we have to skip her class!
We have to practise our choir also! But Pn.Amutha...feelin guilty...=o=
Nevermind...let the time flows...
C'mon baby,I am not scared of you,C'MON!
Me,Xueren,Shanae,Abeeeeeeee,Illyn and Farhanah were havin a very funny moments when we were practising the 'something' just now.
We were also practising under the darn hot's killin me...>,<
Many afternoon section students were looking at us! Damn embarassing man! + HOT!
*face turned reddish*
Tomorrow mornin...Duh...rehearsal for that 'something'.
It's kinda weird dancing in Cheongsam isn't it?
Very hard to move...very hard to jump...very hard to...move...we have to dance summore...
Hahah,let it be,I am not scared of you! Hahah!!! XD
Opps...he's back...==
He will reach here in 2 minutes...
I bet my guessing will be definitely + 100% correct.
He is going to rampas the pc from me!
=O= Turning mad...
Becoming lazier and lazier these days...what happened to me HUH?
I can't becoming like this anymore,I have to change myself,and my stupid darn attitude...
For my studies,for my exam,for my results,for my mum,for my tuition teachers,for my future,and for myself.
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she's goin crazy)
Although I have always been thinkin and wondering why am I so stubborn and so lazy and wanted to change myself,but I know that...IT'S USELESS.
What to do??!
Sometimes,I really wanna cry,but cry for what?
I did not kill people,I did not steal things,I did not do anything wrong,I am just being lazy.
As lazy as a pig,maybe worse than that.
Hahah,this is me,stupid me.^^
I have to have a very strong determination to make me move forward.
Who is willing to lead me?
The wind? The air? My mum? No,not my mum...=o=
Duh...I am becoming insane...but for my own good,I should have known what is good for me,and what I should have done.
So...wishing me goodluck...and wish that I could change myself before I regret.
May God bless me,I need your help,a BIG help.
Got to go...
I will LOVE you all...*kiss kiss*
Muacks...(great,she's feelin better after blogging)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It was an unforgettable day.
Today's Andrew's first day having his UPSR exam.
He seems very calm but actually,he was very nervous!
He can't even sleep yesterday night and I was shocked because he use to get into his dream veru fast,that was kinda...unbelievable.
I felt pity towards him,hopefully everything will be alright.
3 days only,don't be nervous!
Anyway,he was still playing the computer games just now...
Nervous??? Hmm...suspicious...O.o
He's so lazy! his sis,I will also pray for him and wish him good luck,but all these things are not controlled by me,it's all depends on him and how he treat his exam.
May God bless him.
Hmm...what about my life...
Ah ha...exam's coming fast! >.<
It was like..we just received all the monthly test exam papers and another 'bigger thing' is just around the corner and waiting for us! And for me!
Exam is a waste of paper,and it is not environmental friendly.
Not evrry subjects are every students' favorite right?
Thats' it! Why can't we choose the one that we like the most and study very hard for the favorite subject?
If you want that to be your future,then why can't they just pick their favorite subjects and study that particullar subject only?
For me,I think that will be much more better...but I know that it is very impossible.
Anyway...we still can learn many different things from different subjects.
That's what make me felling guilty.=o=
Recently,I always listen to these songs...
Because they are nice...
For example,BBmak's back here & ghost of you and me,Bowling for soup's when we die,Brain Littrel's welcome home you,Buckcherry's sorry,Jojo's not that kinda girl and never say goodbye and ect...
Form5s' are still having their trial exam...and today is the 6th day...9 days to move on! >.<
I can imagine my 'form5 me' now...
Gosh...calm down,I know you can do it,just...calm down,chill,relax and take a deep breath..
Gogogo,let's go take my dinner!
Ola. Au rev. Love YA!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Time No See,I am Back

It's been a long time I didn't add something for my blog...
I am becoming lazier and lazier! NO! >.<
This time...I must have to write matter what thing is that...
Erm...what should I write...
Hahah...what about my recent lifestyle?
Erm...I used to watch 'The Little Nyonya' everyday...I mean DVD...
But now I can't! >.<
I have to wait for 3 days cuz' Andrew's having his UPSR tomorrow...
And my cuttie mama,she called me just now...
I though what was happening...
She asked me not to watch 'the little nyonya' for 3 days...
I can watch after he had finish his UPSR...-o-
She called me purposely to tell me that...??
Okay,hahah,I just felt funny,she's so cute! >w<
I am glad that she's my mum.^^
Mummy,I LOVE YOU. Muacks!
Although you are VERY bossy,VERY 'noisy',VERY funny,BUT I still love you so much!
Erm...everything is going very well...and I failed 2 of my subjects in my exam.
Hahah,feel so happy,and I wonder why,hahah!
*perhaps she's crazy!*
Wow...I smelled somthing really nice...>,<
And it makes me feel really hungry! it's killing me...and I am still in my uniform...
>.< hahah,lazy pig.
Listening to some really nice songs...nice old songs from Boyzone,Bowling For Soup,BB Mak,Anastacia,Backstreet Boys,Ashley Parker and ect.
Nice....and I do enjoy them.
I can't do many things during weekends...
Cannot chat with my dear friends in school...
Just...just boring.
Hahah...cuz' I can do many things...AS I LIKE.
Okay,got to go now,Anthony wants it,I mean the comp.
Goodluck to form 5s' and...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Merdeka!

Happy merdeka guys.
It's a Monday...
Me and my family went to grandpa's house for lunch at 11am. will be very boring when we are in the house...
There's nothing we can do! >.<
Hahah,mummy wanted to go to the supermarket nearby,good,I can buy some food again,hahah!
After that,we went back to grandpa's house and we watched a Japanese show called 'Viking'!
Whoa,it is so exiting! >w<
The winner of the competition has won 1 million yen and a car!
So cool~! >w<
We went back home at 3.15pm.
After taking my bath and blablabla,we went to visit Aunty Winnie and her family at Kepong baru.
There was something terrible happening behind her house...
There was a fire,a very BIG fire happened to a plastic factory...>.<
Whoa...the smoke were so dark,and keep on coming out from the factory...
I wanted to go and take a look,but the uncle went out without bringing me.>.<
Anyway.they did took some pics at the scene.
Oh my...5 bomba cars were passing by their house...and the fire and cannot being stopped.
Hopefully everything will be okay.
After that,we had our dinner at a restaurant at Jinjang.
We had waited for more than an hour for our dinner! Gosh...>,<
We started eating at 9.20pm...I need more digestion tonight!
Something terrible had happaned to me...
When I was eating...I saw a dead worm on a piece of my vege...
== insects...duh...
After having our dinner,we went back home before 10.
I was plucking my maid's white hair until 11.30pm,as I need more digestion!!!
I slept at 12.
Tomorrow's form 5s' SPM trial,wishing them all the best and GOODLUCK!
Au revior.