Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Second Violin! XD

Okay...there's a good news to share...
I bought my new violin! XD
Sherlyn came to my house at 12 just now.
Avtually,she passed those 3 violins to my house 2 days ago and ask me to try to play and test the sounds and see.
Me and my dad had the same agreement,it says that -- the most expensive one is the best choice!
Erm...I love the pattern of the cheapest one.
The fine wooden stripes had attracted my heart,the art is fine,and the colour is bright golden,it's really nice.
But my dad,maybe because he is a man,he love the pattern of the most expensive one.
The stripes are wider and further apart and the colour is not as shiny as the one I like.
Sherlyn told me that it is a classical violin.
Anyway,I love the front piece of my dad's favorite.
There are 3 different prices,and they are very different.
The cheapest one costs 1690.
The middle one costs 2350.
The most expensive one costs 2850.
So...we -- my dad and I,we love the same one which is the most expensive one... XD first,I was worried about the price because it is kinda...
But I feel kinda delighted as my dad had the same opinion like me.
I love the sound produced by the violin.
The high and low pitch part is beautifully played.
Sherlyn also agreed with us,like what she said,a higher value thing will have a better quality.
So...after discussed for 2 and a half hour,finally,we had made our decision -- the most costly one will be my future partner in my music journey! XD
Tadah~ *claps*
Sitting in the living room for 2 and a half hour? Hahah...
It was pretty long...
Anyway,thanks to her for finding me such a good violin,although it is kinda expensive. X)
I will appreciate it and finally...
Thank you mama and papa.
Big Bears Hug


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