Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year,new hope

Hey hey people,today is the last day of 2011,do you feel reluctant to say byebye to 2011? I bet most of you are not gonna spend today at home right? :P So do I. 

2011...I have been through a lot of things in this year,sad and pain,joy and happiness. For me,2011 is too short,time passes too fast in 2011. Why do happy moments always fade away so rapidly? :( 

I have a few new year wishes here,new year resolutions :) 
- good health and happiness to all my friends,family,myself and him
- long lasting love
- good luck throughout the whole year
- everything will go on smoothly in everything (study,and shows or competitions,love life etc.)
- make new friends

The basic wishes I wish for :) What about you?

Here,I wish all of you a very happy new year,enjoy the last day of 2011!

So long,farewell,it's time to say goodbye




Btw,do not enter the toilet at 11.59pm tonight,otherwise you can only come out next year...


au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food trip in Batu Pahat

Hello my friends,how was your Christmas celebration? ^^ I went to watch 'Sherlock Holmes' with my boyfie at 12.05am,my very first late night movie XD Ehem,I am not finish with my Batu Pahat story yet,heh :P I shall continue writing now.

On the second day in Batu Pahat,after having dimsum for breakfast,we went home to rest for a while,after that,auntie Marie brought us to have seafood as lunch. The restaurant is just right beside the sea. The sea water level hasn't rise yet,guess what I saw? I saw very geli fishes! Erm,I don't think they are fishes,more like...salamander? EEE,geli geli! >o< This I must say,no matter what kind of food it is in Batu Pahat,it is NICE :O whoa,if KL food is as nice as Batu Pahat,I think I will be wayyy fatter than what I am now.

Otw to a seafood restaurant.
It was raining :(

There's many salamanders 'under' the restaurant,eee :O
Look,eeek! ><
There's thousands,no,millions of them! OMG,I can't imagine me eating with them underneath the wooden floor of the restaurant. URGHHHHH...

Nice view,looks like evening right?
It's actually 1.30pm afternoon,hmm... :/
This is exciting.
Tadah~~ The food! XD

A kind of prawn,BIG BIG ones :O

Auntie Marie's husband said that it's better to eat this instead of lobster.
The taste and size of this prawn is not bad,just like lobster. However,the price of lobster is 10 times more expensive,so we are 'encouraged' to eat this other than that,hahaha!
Aiyoyo,the prawns are really really awesome,this is true!

Wakakakakakaka,the crab! Salted egg crab,my favorite of all times!
Holy mama,the taste is like heaven! XO
BIG crab,fresh flesh,yummy egg! OH GAWD! I miss you crab!
A must eat dish! >O<

Guess what dish this is?
This is stingray :D

Oh no,my face is getting bigger and bigger... :O

For some personal reasons,I don't really like swimming fishes... :/ My friends or closer friends would know why. Gaaaaaah,auntie Marie brought my mum and I to 'touch fish' after lunch! .><. Hmm,what kind of fish is that? What is special about them? The answer is -- 巨龙,dragon fish? XD OMG,I was so scared when I saw the GIANT fish :O I wanted to run away larh! .><. According to auntie Marie's husband,one adult 巨龙 can weight as heavy as a few hundred kilograms,holy mama. I was shaking...... T.T

Auntie Marie and her husband kept asking/persuading me to touch the fish! ARGH,NO!!! It's a holy giant fish weyy! Fishes are not cute! >< It says that the fishes are very intellegent,they have spirituality. They will 'choose' people to touch them,not everyone will have the chance to touch them.

After touching the fishes...*gelinya hatiku*,we went to the beach side to take some photos.

This is the couple's 'pakto' place :P
It used to be a very clean beach,people could swim and play around there,but it's polluted now... :(

Mummy and I.
Her hair...thanks to the wind,hahaha!! XD

Auntie Marie,mummy,and I :)

Very nice snack -- 木薯饼,cassava cake.
It is very crispy and smells nice! Best snack ever :D

Next,for dinner,we had Japanese food. Well,Japanese food is not my first choice and definitely not my mum's *she doesn't like raw food*. There's a new Japanese restaurant in town,so they brought us to try out. The food is okay but not really cheap :(

The new Japanese restaurant-- 二重丸,Nijumaru.

Chicken series and ramen,nomnomnom :P

Muahaha,I drank this -- 烧酒! This is the alcohol Japanese people drink.

I was feeling cold in the restaurant but after drinking this,I felt very hot eh :P
It is a bit nose choking,first time experiencing it hehehe.

Fried dumplings.
I love dumplings! :D

Salmon sushi :P

The fish just melted when I stuff it into my mouth,whoa :O

Sushi roll~

Have you seen cheesy sushi before? 
The taste is not bad oh :P 

Promoting chilli flakes XD
Ignore my chubby face ><

After that,we went for supper straight. It was winter solstice,almost all the stalls and shops were closed because of the celebration. Luckily 'Just Waffle' was opened,my mum and I were craving for dessert! :P

'Juz Waffle'~ 

My chocolate ice-cream cake :P
I am a big chocolate fans! XD
We had 'mee rebus' aka Jawa mee for breakfast on the next morning. I couldn't take food anymore,my tummy's gonna burst seriously! >o< Hehehe,so,I shared a bowl with my mummy :P The noodle was nice,it's different with the normal Jawa mee,the sauce is very nice. According to auntie Marie,the boss of Jawa mee stall is the second generation to continue the noodle business. I saw many people eating the same food in the shop,it proves how nice the noodle is! Too bad I didn't take the picture of it :(

Before we leave Batu Pahat,auntie Marie and her husband brought us to have seafood for lunch in Muar. It was a half an hour trip from Batu Pahat to Muar. They love to travel for food,which is a good thing :D The assam fish in Muar is super awesome! Auntie Marie 'tabao' otak-otak for us to bring back to KL. I thought otak-otak is made of eel,it's actually made of fish,hahaha. Not bad not bad,everything I ate was nice,my tummy's suffering but my mouth's happy,hahaha! XD

Dropped by in a bakery shop called 'Family' before leaving,guess what I saw?

Do you recall these small cartoon cakes?
I used to eat them when I was a little girl :P

I have never seen this before,3 Rasa,very special eh :P

OMG,this is a very loooooong post :O I guess that's all for now. Too long already,hahaha!Thank you auntie Marie for the food and everything,hopefully we will meet again in the future! XD Tomorrow is the last day of 2011,everyone must enjoy it oh ^^

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hohoho,I AM BACK!!! Sorry guys,I was too busy + there's something wrong with my bloggie,so I couldn't update my bloggie :'( 

Guess what,I am now in Batu Pahat! I was not feeling well on Monday and Tuesday but thank God,I felt much better on Wednesday. Mummy' friend from Batu Pahat kept inviting her to visit Batu Pahat so she has decided to bring me along in order to relax ourselves *stress on work & assignments!!*

After taking KTM and bus for hours,finally we have arrived in Batu Pahat at 3.30pm yesterday. It is a small town,you can rarely see tall buildings. You can see a few rows of old shops and buildings here,the feeling of vintage,lol. Aunty Marie,my mum's friend is a very friendly person. She brought us to eat the famous 'yam rice',chicken soup and curry fish after she picked us up from the bus station. I must say,the food here is super awesomeeee!!!!! XD If I wasn't feeling well,I bet I could have ate more.

Until now *Thursday 12.11pm afternoon*,she had brought us to try out yam rice,chicken soup,curry fish,the famous steamboat and dimsum here. We are going to try out the famous 'otak otak' for lunch,whereas for dinner - Japanese food and wantan noodle! I wish my appetite is better now,my stomach was super bloated and feeling very uncomfortable on Monday and Tuesday,I could barely eat sobsob :(

Gaaaah,too much of words! Pics shall do the talk now :)

Curry fish! It was the most concentrated curry I have ever tasted!!

Holy mama,I tell you,the kampung chicken soup is superbbbb!!!
There're a few choices like black chicken and ...
If you want the most supplement one,try out the black chicken soup ;)
Whoa,best soup in town~!

This is yam rice,special leh?? :P

The green colour 'thing' is actually kale,芥蓝.
Unbelievable leh,it looks crispy and it was very crispy!
Kale + chicken floss,it may sound weird,but the taste is great! :D

Sleepy look in the morning. I look different right?
Nyahaha,you guess :P

Okie dokie,that's all for now. Wanna do some exercise to digest digest :P Will blog about day 2 and 3 soon,ciao peeps! <3 xx

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You are the apple of my eye

Finally,I have watched the movie directed by '9 knifes'! The movie '那些年,我們一起追的女孩' is actually his real life story. I wonder whether he is still in love with the girl or not... Anyway,I would like to say that it's a good movie,you will flashback a lot of high school memories when you are watching it *especially the graduation part*. 

Thanks to miss Tan Xue Ren for ajak-ing me for the movie. I wanted to watch for a long time,lol. At first,I was quite nervous as I am not 18,I mean,I am 18,but I am born on December,so... They actually checked your i.c. but they didn't check mine,maybe I look mature? XD Finally I have found the benefit of looking mature :P

My rating for the movie: 8/10. As what my cousin sister have mentioned,there're many scenes which are quite disgusting,for example...boner and naked scenes... >< I was like "OMG are you serious??',then I laughed. It was quite awkward but everybody in the cinema laughed,especially the guys. Aigu,guys are just so horny,hahaha! There's one part which I remember the most. The guy *I forgot his name ><* was studying English on the balcony. He reads very loudly until his opposite neighbour scolded him but he didn't care. His English has become better each day. One day when he was reading again,the uncle came out and scolded him. Guess what he replied. He said :

'F*** YOU!'

XD XD XD That part was epic man! LOLOL!

IF,the girl 'Shen Jia Yi' was to be a lil bit not too passive but active,she would have be together with the guy. IF,the guy was not that stupid and dumdum,he would realise that she actually likes him and they would become a couple. Xue Ren and I cried at the ending part,it was so sad to see him cry... I felt pity for him because the girl she loves has become other people's wife. 

So,the lesson is -- If you have found your love,be daring to chase for it,otherwise you'll live with regrets *if it's too late*. 

The guy is really tall :O

To my cousin sis Mi-2:
Go watch it and prepare to laugh! XD

au revoir,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 111111!

Today is a very special day,because there's 6 'one' on the calendar! XD Besides that,today is also my sister -- Miss Tan Xue Ren aka Alien's 18th birthday! Gong hei gong hei! Have a blast darling! <3

I saw a lot of posts on fb which is related to 111111,looks like everyone is exited about it :P To all the human beings on earth,HAPPY 111111! XD


Friday, November 4, 2011

PJCAD promotional video

Recently,our college has been shooting a video for promotional use. Our lovely + sampat drawing lecturer Mr.John a.k.a daddy Ho was assigned to do this project. Ehem,as his beloved students,we (PJCAD students) has took part in the video making and we are the so called 'models',lol.

We were required to answer the question 'what is design?'. At first,daddy Ho wanted us to say 'design is our stage',but we ended up having our own sayings :P It's so much fun in the video shooting,we 'NG' a few times,LOL!

C'mon and have a look at the video,it is great but please,ignore my face.

Click here to watch the video :)

It is a 2 minutes short video,may spend a little bit of your time to watch it ^^

Time flies,it's November already. Semester 2 is going to end soon,Mr.John is not going to teach us anymore in the future. As what you've said 'once my pupil forever my pupil'. We will be your students forever. Btw,why did you use 'pupil' instead of 'student'? LOL XD

Shall end this post here. Looking forward for the 'Majlis Perpisahan' of PPS,my beloved librarians in my ex-high school later. Have a wonderful weekend,xx!

Mr.John's work. He was too free I guess,LOL!
From left:

au revior,
Stephanie C.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My shopping wish list

CNY is 3 months later but I am already started thinking what to buy,LOL! :P I just can't wait to shop,I love it when both my hands are full with shopping bags XD Let's take a look at my wish list. I am in love with shoes,so...nyek nyek nyek!

- my kind of clothes in a BIG quantity
I mean it.

- attitude shoes
belly button ankle strap lace up wedges 

White Jeeper


Platform wedges
OMGhee,I want the galaxy one deadly :O

Mummy please?

- anything nice
- semi transparent patterened/vintage panty hose
- head bands
- new rings
Rings are NEVER enough,I don't mind having more 50 or 100. LOLS

- new clutch or clutches
Union Jack is forever love <3
I'm in love with envelope clutch.


I want this! ><

Since this is just a WISH list,so I dumped almost everything I want into this post. If my mum's in a good mood or God gimme a chance to bump into them,I'll get 'em for sureee!

So,what's your wish list? :)

Quotes of the day :
Life is a runway,walk it.

Au revior,