Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You are the apple of my eye

Finally,I have watched the movie directed by '9 knifes'! The movie '那些年,我們一起追的女孩' is actually his real life story. I wonder whether he is still in love with the girl or not... Anyway,I would like to say that it's a good movie,you will flashback a lot of high school memories when you are watching it *especially the graduation part*. 

Thanks to miss Tan Xue Ren for ajak-ing me for the movie. I wanted to watch for a long time,lol. At first,I was quite nervous as I am not 18,I mean,I am 18,but I am born on December,so... They actually checked your i.c. but they didn't check mine,maybe I look mature? XD Finally I have found the benefit of looking mature :P

My rating for the movie: 8/10. As what my cousin sister have mentioned,there're many scenes which are quite disgusting,for example...boner and naked scenes... >< I was like "OMG are you serious??',then I laughed. It was quite awkward but everybody in the cinema laughed,especially the guys. Aigu,guys are just so horny,hahaha! There's one part which I remember the most. The guy *I forgot his name ><* was studying English on the balcony. He reads very loudly until his opposite neighbour scolded him but he didn't care. His English has become better each day. One day when he was reading again,the uncle came out and scolded him. Guess what he replied. He said :

'F*** YOU!'

XD XD XD That part was epic man! LOLOL!

IF,the girl 'Shen Jia Yi' was to be a lil bit not too passive but active,she would have be together with the guy. IF,the guy was not that stupid and dumdum,he would realise that she actually likes him and they would become a couple. Xue Ren and I cried at the ending part,it was so sad to see him cry... I felt pity for him because the girl she loves has become other people's wife. 

So,the lesson is -- If you have found your love,be daring to chase for it,otherwise you'll live with regrets *if it's too late*. 

The guy is really tall :O

To my cousin sis Mi-2:
Go watch it and prepare to laugh! XD

au revoir,


  1. Wanted to watch this so much!! ><

  2. Now I know why my bf shared with me a music video yesterday from youtube. I thought that was a old movie, then now baru I know a new movie release in cinema :P... So long never update wht is the release of new movie in cinema

  3. i like the movie very muchie <3 it's so heart warming although i havent read the novel before :)

  4. The story is so beautiful because both of them failed to be together. If they are couple then there will be no story to tell.

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