Friday, November 4, 2011

PJCAD promotional video

Recently,our college has been shooting a video for promotional use. Our lovely + sampat drawing lecturer Mr.John a.k.a daddy Ho was assigned to do this project. Ehem,as his beloved students,we (PJCAD students) has took part in the video making and we are the so called 'models',lol.

We were required to answer the question 'what is design?'. At first,daddy Ho wanted us to say 'design is our stage',but we ended up having our own sayings :P It's so much fun in the video shooting,we 'NG' a few times,LOL!

C'mon and have a look at the video,it is great but please,ignore my face.

Click here to watch the video :)

It is a 2 minutes short video,may spend a little bit of your time to watch it ^^

Time flies,it's November already. Semester 2 is going to end soon,Mr.John is not going to teach us anymore in the future. As what you've said 'once my pupil forever my pupil'. We will be your students forever. Btw,why did you use 'pupil' instead of 'student'? LOL XD

Shall end this post here. Looking forward for the 'Majlis Perpisahan' of PPS,my beloved librarians in my ex-high school later. Have a wonderful weekend,xx!

Mr.John's work. He was too free I guess,LOL!
From left:

au revior,
Stephanie C.

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