Friday, August 28, 2009

Tour Part 2

Okay,let me continue my story.
After we finished all the tasks,we had our lunch at KFC.
( Cheesy wedges!!! OH! )
After that,we went to Taman Jaya -- the final destination by KTM.
( shivering...cold! )
We walked very fast and I did so...stomachache striked.
Duh...== terrible pain...
We reached Jalan Timur,searched for Tiang no.9 and Jack & Jill -- the final destination!
Yeah~! We arrived! We made it! And we were the third group which had completed those tasks!
Hurray! Happy!!! >w<
We rest,and we talked.
We sit in the hall and chit-chatting like insane.
It took a long time for all teams to arrived.
When it's time to announce the winners,I thought our team will be one of the winners but...
A bit of dissapointment...nevermind,the most important thing is -- I did enjoyed myself!
And it was really fun!
Miss's she?
It's late now,gtg,au revior.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Tour' 2009

Tour was fun!
Kalye,Meri,Yan Ting and I were in the same group and our leader is miss Joyce.
Joyce is a singaporean.
Miss her so much...she's now at Singapore.
We first reached Time Square at 10.25am.
Joyce were finding us so hard,hahah^^
After registering,we went to change our shirt and something happened...==
The colour of my bxx is too's pxxx...
And the T-shirt is kinda...and finally,I wore 2 T-shirts <<< the 'inner layer' is Meri's.
One word to describe my feelings -- HOT!
The 'Tour' started at 11am sharp.
We had to answer questions and ran here and there to search for answers.( 'airless' breathless )
After that,we went ou from the building and searched for the answers on the road.
Then,we went to Central Market by LRT.
Cheap and nice! I mean the things there.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Say bye bye to 'single category'!
Hahah...from now on,I will be reminding you about the days left before you are taking your SPM...
Remember what have I said...
Hahah,from now on,you are mine.
Be careful,I am an 'angel-devil-angel'.
Be careful,I am always hungry.
Be careful,I am crazy.
Be careful,I am not-so-easy.
Be careful,I am violent.
Be careful,I am the queen.
So please be careful,or else i will eat you up.
Haha,just to go,byebye.
Au revior.

*angel-devil-angel* shhhhh.....

Steph'S HOT!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?

I think I could like you
I already do
Feelings can grow but they can go away too
You're takin my hand,lookin into my eyes
Don't be in a rush to get me tonight

Feel somethin happenin
Could this be a spark?
To satisfy me baby,gotta satisfy my heart

Do you know how to touch a girl?
If you want me so much
First I have to know
Are you thoughtful and kind?
Do you care what's on my mind
Or am I just for show?
You'll go far in this world
If you know how to touch a girl

I Think I Could Like You
But I Keep Holding Back
Cause I Can't Seem To Tell
If You're Fiction Or Fact
Show Me You Can Laugh
Show Me You Can Cry
Show Me Who You Really Are
Deep Down Inside

Do You Feel Somethin Happenin?
Could This Be For Real?
I Don't Know Right Now But Tonight We'll Reveal

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?
If You Want Me So Much
First I Have To Know
Are You Thoughtful And Kind?
Do You Care What's On My Mind?
Or Am I Just For Show?
You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl

Bring Me Some Flowers
Conversation For Hours
To See If We Really Connect
And Baby If We Do
Ooh I'll Be Givin All My Love To You

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?
If You Want Me So Much
First I Have To Know
Are You Thoughtful And Kind?
Do You Care What's On My Mind?
Or Am I Just For Show?
You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl

You'll Go Far In This World
If You Know How To Touch A Girl.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ambang Kemerdekaan + Saturday Night

It was a fun day yesterday,we had been having lots of fun at school yesterday...
Hahah,guess what,we were celebrating 'Ambang Kemerdekaan' yerterday.^^
And I,was wearing Sareeeeeeeeeeeee.^^
It was a green + pink Saree,it is really nice and colourful...
Like what my friends said,I looked like a highlighter...>.<
And I think it really was kinda true.^^
4A was colouful yesterday,all of us were lookin good!
The only thing was...TT
We had to stand under the sun in the afternoon to sing...TT
4 songs! I mean 4!!!
TT I don't wanna get any sunburn anymore...TT
Today is Saturday,I went to carfour with mama early in the morning.
I wanna buy lots of food!!!!!
Crazy with food!!!!!
Haha,that's why I bought a lot,heheh^^
After that,I went to my art class and I finished my piece of work on time and successfully! Happy~ ^^
After that,I went to Giant with my mama after sending 2 of them to Taekwondo class.
Supermarket again...== Duh...
Anyway,I had bought something again,hahah^^
Ahter that,me and my fanily had pur dinner at...forgotten.==
Western food! Not so nice...fatty.==
I will not go back to the same place again next time.==
After that...Carfour again...==
Dad's fault.
Got to go,au revior + nites.^^

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exam's Over~!!!

Exam is over!!! Hahah!!!
Can sleep early again! I feel so so happy!
I don't wanna be a panda anymore,and I don't wanna having headache and being dizzy anymore...
That was really suffering.==
Opps...having violin class later...haven't practice the hard song yet! >.<
I am dead...== Haiz...violin replacement class...
30 minutes + 30 minutes = 1 hour...
1 hour...== I was thinking of sleeping earlier tonight...==
Fine,it is good to sacrifice for our 'love ones'.
Tomorrow is the Ambang Kemerdekaan of SMKTBM.
4A is going to perform tomorrow,and it is a chior again!
Hahah,4A is now famous as a Choir Class...^^ Fun.
Knocked my leg yesterday...pain!
Got to go,goodbye~
P.S. -- Goodluck for the ambang thingy tomorrow. Hwaiting!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Exam is coming soon...I mean tomorrow!
Gosh...I did not really revised...what am I going to do??!
Wishing that God would help me,at least score 55 above for all subjects...
I was being too lazy and too relaxed... It was all my fault.==
I should have been preparing so I would not feeling so scared as I did not do any preparations...
My bad! Duh...
Even now,I am still being very lazy,hahah,what to do?
I am goint to faint.==
God...please help me to read finish all the things I have to read.
[ I am such a bad girl...hahah... ]
Okay,playfish time. Bye~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog Is My Diary

Blog has become my diary thses days.
I would like to share my stories with her,whenever I fell like I does.
Anyway,I am not sharing everything that happens with her,I will keep some of my memories in my heart,hehehe...^^
This is a Saturday night,and I,miss Choo is spending her time alone in front of her computer.
Her parents and brothers are all out attending a friend's birthday party.
I am not interested as most of them are guys there,I rather spend my time enjoying the computer alone.
Anyway,I am still kinda...feeling kinda bored now,after watching Hanasakeru Seishounen episode 12 and facebook,I am now chatting with Ben and thinking of what I should write on my blog.
My stomach was having a pain again just now,I wonder why.
During my art class,I was feeling uncomfortable and dizzy.
I cannot concentrate on my painting.
Gosh...I was feeling very whole body was 'burning' like charcoal + kerosene.
[ hiperbola ]
And my heart doens't feel comfortable...just like something is tighthen my heart,I wonder why and I am feeling worried.
Anthony has picked his new specs just now,I was the one who helped him to pick,feeling so proud,hahah^^
On the way sending me home,dad and Anthony quarrelled.
That's what I hate the most,I really don't like it.
I feel so scared when they are quarrelling.
Both of them are having a bad temper,Anthony is just the same as his father -- bad temper.
Why can't they just talk to each other peacefully?
Duh...they were still hee hee hah hah before that.==
Listening to 'Ave maria' right now,I feel so happy and touched...
Ave maria,the song I loved...I feel so comfortable and free...
It's eleven now,I was suppose to sleep at this time,normally.
I don't wanna get into bed,I am still energetic now,I wanna do anything I want,listen to the songs I like,and chat with somebody I feel like...
Exam...Fine,don't think of them right now...just enjoy your saturday night.
Yeah...that's what I would like to deal with...
Not going to sleep yet,but have to say good night and bye bye to my blog now.
So good night guys. Tomorrow will be a better day.^^ Cheese.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Friday Story

It's a friday -- another boring day to go on.
When we were practising the indian dance,suddenly my stomach feel very pain.
Gosh...stomachache again...==
I cannot stand up so I just sat on the floor and wait for rescue.>,<
Oh God...pain...TT
Many people were asking me whether I am okay or what happened to me..I think I was okay..
Ben saw me and asked me to take a sit and have some rest.
TT pain... TT
Chung Kit gave me some's 'bou zai yun'.
Oh my...long time never eat these small tiny little thingy ad...ah~ they smells good...^^
Chung Kit and Wee Sin were playing around me,duh...they were playing but I had to suffer from the pain,sad...TT
I was getting better after taking those medicine...I did not finish them all.^^
After that,Yoew Xin came down and search for me.
I forgot to take my pencil case again! Haiyoyo! >,<
Luckily she give me back,otherwise,I sure will nervous until...duno.
Then...Ben and I went for our lunch at the canteen...
After eating and revise a little bit under the tree,we went back home.
I haven't done my Chemistry homework! AHHHHH!!!!!
Got to finish them now,bye~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Tuesday!

Great,I feel much more better today,at least I ditn't feel sleepy the whole day included during Mr.Tham's class.
Sara was absent today, sari...==
She forgot to bring them for me since last Thursday,hopefully she is okay...
Anyway,Cik Kamala is going to borrow me hers as she has many sari.
Besides,she did bring some for Xue Ren to try so I had the opportunity to take a try too.
And now~ I got it! I borrowed the sari successfully,happy~ ^^
Anyway,I am going to face a 'kinda big' problem...
The sari is very very tight...( I am not very fat )
Cik Kamala says that that was very normal,they have to be very very tight then it will only be nice when you are wearing it.
I am worried,I scared I will look very fat when I am wearing them.
I need to keep fit!!! ><
GoD! I need your help!
Please control my appetite for 2 weeks~!!!
Make me eat less and burn more calories!
I don't wanna look fat in front of everyone!
Duh...hopefully my wish will come true...TT
These days,the weather is super duper hot,just like the hot boiling water.
That's why I get very dark after I came back from the camp!
The weather was very hot there! And the sun!
Can you guys imagine that? You will know when you see me,when you guys see my skin.
Have to walk back everyday...Sad! It's hot!
Anyway,I need more exercises to burn more calories,never mind,it's okay,I can last.
I am willing to sacrifice myself~!!! Wishing me good luck! GOOD LUCK~!!!
Going to have a Physics test later...scared.
I haven really revise yet,and I had forgotten every single thing Mr.Fong had taught.
Duh...he's going to kill me...
Hopefully my luck is with me later.
Got to go,bye~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dorani Homestay

It was a 2 days 1 night camp at Dorani Homestay.
This was the second time I went to this destination.
I went there again because I miss the place and the people and the facis' there.
On saturday morning,we 111 students have to reach school and wait for the bus.
Form 4A and some form 2 students were sitting in bus 1 [ my bus ].
On the way to our destination,our bus was very noisy.
This is due to the 'Stupid brainless Duo' -- Shahmin and Ali.
They were singing non-stop,they were like...they know every songs!
Oh my God,I was trying my very best to slepp but I just can't because of them!
They sang very loudly and even the teachers can't last anymore and ask them to keep quiet but they were just not listening and keep on doing the same thing!
Can't they just shut up and think of others' feelings?
They are brainless creatures! Selfish!
We reached there late because our bus was waiting for bus 3,we were super late!
Guess what,Tuan Jebat and Tuan Roy were 2 of the facis' there! Miss them a lot!
When we reached there,they seperated us into 6 groups and started teaching us some simple techniques for marching and after that,they gave us a small opening talk and they send us 'home' with our bapa angkat and ibu angkat.
I was in the 2nd group.
My sleeping gang has 12 people -- me,cat,ling,ting,mak,pearly,chiam,may,sweet,tan,meri and mii.
Our 'home' was so pink! pink outside and inside,I feel warm,very warm.
There are 2 rooms and I was sleeping the room downstairs.
After that,we had an activity held at a house where Puili and her group stays.
There was the place which we people had a war and 'fight' with prefects.
We were so semangat at that time,hahah^^
Then,we went for fishing at a river nearby.
I was so happy because I caught a fish within 5 minutes!
Anyway,that was the first and last fish I had ever caught...TT
After that,we went to the paddy field and we climb over the wall and enjoyed the moments being there watching the beautiful sky and the evening sun.
That was so beautiful...I feel like,I was on top of the world and I feel free.
We took a lot of pictures there and something happened...
I was lying on the paddy field and wanted to take a pic of mine and!
They 'spreaded' the dry paddy all over my body and a faci even sit on top of me! [ my x! ]
Besides,there was where I lost my dad's camera cover,hopefully everything will be alright and I will be saved. ><
After that,we had our dinner -- nasi ambeng at the same house.
We continue all sorts of activities after that and when the time reached 10pm,we started to go for the night walk.
I still remembered that the night walk last year,we were walking in the rain,hahah,so scary and romantic.^^
The same thing happened -- we have to cross the paddy mud again.
I was not being scared and that's what makes me feel proud and happy.
We went back 'home' by 12++ and slept at 2++ after waiting for my turn to bath.
It takes more than 2 hours for 12 of us to bath!
I can't sleep well because the fan wasn't blowing his breath at and suffered...
We woke up at 6 in the morning,why so early?!
After taking our delicious breakfast,we went back to the dewan again.
After singing songs and exercising,we were doing a flora and fauna activity.
The morning was so hot,terrible! We were seeking for water,terrible...
After that,we went back 'home' and take our lunch and bath quickly.
The time given for us to bath was not enough,that's why we were very late to went back to dewan and when we reached,the ceremony was about to end.
We shook our hands with bapa-bapa angkat,ibu-ibu angkat and facis' there...
After that,I cried...I will miss them a lot!
The bus driver was late,we had waited for more than an hour for them to come.
Hence,we came back home very late and the time estimated that we will be coming back at 6.30pm had changed to 7pm.
We also couldn't visit to the Nata de Coco jelly factory and some food factories,I was mad!
I wanted to buy food! Duh! Stupid bus driver.
It was a memorable camp and it was fun.
I hope that there will be the same camp again next year,I miss them.

12月10日﹝太陽‧幸運之輪﹞代表人物: 艾美莉迪金森(詩人)積極、主動,對自已有很高的期許,相當樂觀和理想主義;具有服務人群的理念,樂 於 幫助別人。優點是雄心勃勃,聰明,活力充沛,懂得掌握時機。缺點是太自負,以自我為中心,碰到挫折或壓力比較難適應。
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day Without Schooling [ Woo-hooe~! ]

Hahaha,tomorrow will be a day without schooling.
It's not a weekend,it's not a public holiday,but it is a friday.
Why am I not going to school at a friday which is supposed to be a schooling day?
Hahah,because~ my class is going to visit an Agama school at Menjalara~
Hohohooo~!!! Merry Christmas~ and Happy New Year~!!!
( she's insane... )
Actually the school is very nearby,anyway,I am still feeling very happy because I no need to attend school's boring classes!
You know what?
I am having 3 Science subjects and add-maths period for friday!
The whole day facing Physics,Chemistry,Biology and add-maths?
I will fall asleep. =,=
[ society is loading very well...I can see Lola very soon... ]
Anyway...I think tomorrow will be a 'kinda boring day' also...
Agama school...duh...
I wonder what will happened there...
Eh! I can play already! Hahah,okay,gtg.
Playtime's just start! Whoo hoooa!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hanasekeru Seishounen

It is a very nice anime which was introduced by my cousin sis last sunday.
It is a shounen anime,love it because there are a lot of handsome guys!
Especially Li-ren and Lumati.
Both of them are very cool..
Li-ren is a 20 year old mature man.
He is tall and has black shiny hairs,he has black eyes and he is a Chinese.
Lumati is a 14 year old young boy.
He is the second prince of his country and he has dark skin and blue eyes.
Hahah,they sure are nice looking,guarantee.
I am so envy of Kajika.
She is the only daughter of his dad Harry who is the chairman of his big company.
They live like royalty and they are rich.
She meets with many rich people all around the world.
Her dad had chose 3 candidates for her and ask her to pick 1 of them to be her lifetime partner.
She was only 14! It's so early to be married!
I felt pity for her when I knew this,hahah.
I just watched 6 episode,hopefully I can watch all of them as fast as I can cuz I can't wait to see the third candidate!
I have seen the first 2 candidates.
They are Eugene and Lumati. [ Lumati~! Go ahead! ]
Please show yourself to me,the third candidate.
Waiting for ya.^^
Princess is hungry now,gtg to my dinner.
Au revior.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Me The Sagi

SAGITTARIUS (The Promiscuous One) Spontaneous. High appeal. Rare to find. Great when found. Loves being in long relationships. So much love to give. Not one to mess with. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing in the you know where..!!! Not the kind of person you wanna mess with, you might end up crying.

P.S: These are so true,hahah^^ Thanks for the e-mail Melissa.^^