Monday, August 10, 2009

Dorani Homestay

It was a 2 days 1 night camp at Dorani Homestay.
This was the second time I went to this destination.
I went there again because I miss the place and the people and the facis' there.
On saturday morning,we 111 students have to reach school and wait for the bus.
Form 4A and some form 2 students were sitting in bus 1 [ my bus ].
On the way to our destination,our bus was very noisy.
This is due to the 'Stupid brainless Duo' -- Shahmin and Ali.
They were singing non-stop,they were like...they know every songs!
Oh my God,I was trying my very best to slepp but I just can't because of them!
They sang very loudly and even the teachers can't last anymore and ask them to keep quiet but they were just not listening and keep on doing the same thing!
Can't they just shut up and think of others' feelings?
They are brainless creatures! Selfish!
We reached there late because our bus was waiting for bus 3,we were super late!
Guess what,Tuan Jebat and Tuan Roy were 2 of the facis' there! Miss them a lot!
When we reached there,they seperated us into 6 groups and started teaching us some simple techniques for marching and after that,they gave us a small opening talk and they send us 'home' with our bapa angkat and ibu angkat.
I was in the 2nd group.
My sleeping gang has 12 people -- me,cat,ling,ting,mak,pearly,chiam,may,sweet,tan,meri and mii.
Our 'home' was so pink! pink outside and inside,I feel warm,very warm.
There are 2 rooms and I was sleeping the room downstairs.
After that,we had an activity held at a house where Puili and her group stays.
There was the place which we people had a war and 'fight' with prefects.
We were so semangat at that time,hahah^^
Then,we went for fishing at a river nearby.
I was so happy because I caught a fish within 5 minutes!
Anyway,that was the first and last fish I had ever caught...TT
After that,we went to the paddy field and we climb over the wall and enjoyed the moments being there watching the beautiful sky and the evening sun.
That was so beautiful...I feel like,I was on top of the world and I feel free.
We took a lot of pictures there and something happened...
I was lying on the paddy field and wanted to take a pic of mine and!
They 'spreaded' the dry paddy all over my body and a faci even sit on top of me! [ my x! ]
Besides,there was where I lost my dad's camera cover,hopefully everything will be alright and I will be saved. ><
After that,we had our dinner -- nasi ambeng at the same house.
We continue all sorts of activities after that and when the time reached 10pm,we started to go for the night walk.
I still remembered that the night walk last year,we were walking in the rain,hahah,so scary and romantic.^^
The same thing happened -- we have to cross the paddy mud again.
I was not being scared and that's what makes me feel proud and happy.
We went back 'home' by 12++ and slept at 2++ after waiting for my turn to bath.
It takes more than 2 hours for 12 of us to bath!
I can't sleep well because the fan wasn't blowing his breath at and suffered...
We woke up at 6 in the morning,why so early?!
After taking our delicious breakfast,we went back to the dewan again.
After singing songs and exercising,we were doing a flora and fauna activity.
The morning was so hot,terrible! We were seeking for water,terrible...
After that,we went back 'home' and take our lunch and bath quickly.
The time given for us to bath was not enough,that's why we were very late to went back to dewan and when we reached,the ceremony was about to end.
We shook our hands with bapa-bapa angkat,ibu-ibu angkat and facis' there...
After that,I cried...I will miss them a lot!
The bus driver was late,we had waited for more than an hour for them to come.
Hence,we came back home very late and the time estimated that we will be coming back at 6.30pm had changed to 7pm.
We also couldn't visit to the Nata de Coco jelly factory and some food factories,I was mad!
I wanted to buy food! Duh! Stupid bus driver.
It was a memorable camp and it was fun.
I hope that there will be the same camp again next year,I miss them.

12月10日﹝太陽‧幸運之輪﹞代表人物: 艾美莉迪金森(詩人)積極、主動,對自已有很高的期許,相當樂觀和理想主義;具有服務人群的理念,樂 於 幫助別人。優點是雄心勃勃,聰明,活力充沛,懂得掌握時機。缺點是太自負,以自我為中心,碰到挫折或壓力比較難適應。
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