Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ambang Kemerdekaan + Saturday Night

It was a fun day yesterday,we had been having lots of fun at school yesterday...
Hahah,guess what,we were celebrating 'Ambang Kemerdekaan' yerterday.^^
And I,was wearing Sareeeeeeeeeeeee.^^
It was a green + pink Saree,it is really nice and colourful...
Like what my friends said,I looked like a highlighter...>.<
And I think it really was kinda true.^^
4A was colouful yesterday,all of us were lookin good!
The only thing was...TT
We had to stand under the sun in the afternoon to sing...TT
4 songs! I mean 4!!!
TT I don't wanna get any sunburn anymore...TT
Today is Saturday,I went to carfour with mama early in the morning.
I wanna buy lots of food!!!!!
Crazy with food!!!!!
Haha,that's why I bought a lot,heheh^^
After that,I went to my art class and I finished my piece of work on time and successfully! Happy~ ^^
After that,I went to Giant with my mama after sending 2 of them to Taekwondo class.
Supermarket again...== Duh...
Anyway,I had bought something again,hahah^^
Ahter that,me and my fanily had pur dinner at...forgotten.==
Western food! Not so nice...fatty.==
I will not go back to the same place again next time.==
After that...Carfour again...==
Dad's fault.
Got to go,au revior + nites.^^

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