Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Tour' 2009

Tour was fun!
Kalye,Meri,Yan Ting and I were in the same group and our leader is miss Joyce.
Joyce is a singaporean.
Miss her so much...she's now at Singapore.
We first reached Time Square at 10.25am.
Joyce were finding us so hard,hahah^^
After registering,we went to change our shirt and something happened...==
The colour of my bxx is too's pxxx...
And the T-shirt is kinda...and finally,I wore 2 T-shirts <<< the 'inner layer' is Meri's.
One word to describe my feelings -- HOT!
The 'Tour' started at 11am sharp.
We had to answer questions and ran here and there to search for answers.( 'airless' breathless )
After that,we went ou from the building and searched for the answers on the road.
Then,we went to Central Market by LRT.
Cheap and nice! I mean the things there.

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