Friday, August 28, 2009

Tour Part 2

Okay,let me continue my story.
After we finished all the tasks,we had our lunch at KFC.
( Cheesy wedges!!! OH! )
After that,we went to Taman Jaya -- the final destination by KTM.
( shivering...cold! )
We walked very fast and I did so...stomachache striked.
Duh...== terrible pain...
We reached Jalan Timur,searched for Tiang no.9 and Jack & Jill -- the final destination!
Yeah~! We arrived! We made it! And we were the third group which had completed those tasks!
Hurray! Happy!!! >w<
We rest,and we talked.
We sit in the hall and chit-chatting like insane.
It took a long time for all teams to arrived.
When it's time to announce the winners,I thought our team will be one of the winners but...
A bit of dissapointment...nevermind,the most important thing is -- I did enjoyed myself!
And it was really fun!
Miss's she?
It's late now,gtg,au revior.


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