Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Tuesday!

Great,I feel much more better today,at least I ditn't feel sleepy the whole day included during Mr.Tham's class.
Sara was absent today,duh...my sari...==
She forgot to bring them for me since last Thursday,hopefully she is okay...
Anyway,Cik Kamala is going to borrow me hers as she has many sari.
Besides,she did bring some for Xue Ren to try so I had the opportunity to take a try too.
And now~ I got it! I borrowed the sari successfully,happy~ ^^
Anyway,I am going to face a 'kinda big' problem...
The sari is very very tight...( I am not very fat )
Cik Kamala says that that was very normal,they have to be very very tight then it will only be nice when you are wearing it.
I am worried,I scared I will look very fat when I am wearing them.
I need to keep fit!!! ><
GoD! I need your help!
Please control my appetite for 2 weeks~!!!
Make me eat less and burn more calories!
I don't wanna look fat in front of everyone!
Duh...hopefully my wish will come true...TT
These days,the weather is super duper hot,just like the hot boiling water.
That's why I get very dark after I came back from the camp!
The weather was very hot there! And the sun!
Can you guys imagine that? You will know when you see me,when you guys see my skin.
Have to walk back everyday...Sad! It's hot!
Anyway,I need more exercises to burn more calories,never mind,it's okay,I can last.
I am willing to sacrifice myself~!!! Wishing me good luck! GOOD LUCK~!!!
Going to have a Physics test later...scared.
I haven really revise yet,and I had forgotten every single thing Mr.Fong had taught.
Duh...he's going to kill me...
Hopefully my luck is with me later.
Got to go,bye~

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