Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exam's Over~!!!

Exam is over!!! Hahah!!!
Can sleep early again! I feel so so happy!
I don't wanna be a panda anymore,and I don't wanna having headache and being dizzy anymore...
That was really suffering.==
Opps...having violin class later...haven't practice the hard song yet! >.<
I am dead...== Haiz...violin replacement class...
30 minutes + 30 minutes = 1 hour...
1 hour...== I was thinking of sleeping earlier tonight...==
Fine,it is good to sacrifice for our 'love ones'.
Tomorrow is the Ambang Kemerdekaan of SMKTBM.
4A is going to perform tomorrow,and it is a chior again!
Hahah,4A is now famous as a Choir Class...^^ Fun.
Knocked my leg yesterday...pain!
Got to go,goodbye~
P.S. -- Goodluck for the ambang thingy tomorrow. Hwaiting!


  1. put in some picture, a chat box...
    ur blog will be nicer and looks more "inviting"
    and "interesting"
    bet u donno me...
    this is juz my little advice only...

  2. hahah,who r u then?^^ may i noe u?