Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day Without Schooling [ Woo-hooe~! ]

Hahaha,tomorrow will be a day without schooling.
It's not a weekend,it's not a public holiday,but it is a friday.
Why am I not going to school at a friday which is supposed to be a schooling day?
Hahah,because~ my class is going to visit an Agama school at Menjalara~
Hohohooo~!!! Merry Christmas~ and Happy New Year~!!!
( she's insane... )
Actually the school is very nearby,anyway,I am still feeling very happy because I no need to attend school's boring classes!
You know what?
I am having 3 Science subjects and add-maths period for friday!
The whole day facing Physics,Chemistry,Biology and add-maths?
I will fall asleep. =,=
[ society is loading very well...I can see Lola very soon... ]
Anyway...I think tomorrow will be a 'kinda boring day' also...
Agama school...duh...
I wonder what will happened there...
Eh! I can play already! Hahah,okay,gtg.
Playtime's just start! Whoo hoooa!

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  1. i noe wats in agama skul...malay,malay n malay friends...