Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog Is My Diary

Blog has become my diary thses days.
I would like to share my stories with her,whenever I fell like I does.
Anyway,I am not sharing everything that happens with her,I will keep some of my memories in my heart,hehehe...^^
This is a Saturday night,and I,miss Choo is spending her time alone in front of her computer.
Her parents and brothers are all out attending a friend's birthday party.
I am not interested as most of them are guys there,I rather spend my time enjoying the computer alone.
Anyway,I am still kinda...feeling kinda bored now,after watching Hanasakeru Seishounen episode 12 and facebook,I am now chatting with Ben and thinking of what I should write on my blog.
My stomach was having a pain again just now,I wonder why.
During my art class,I was feeling uncomfortable and dizzy.
I cannot concentrate on my painting.
Gosh...I was feeling very whole body was 'burning' like charcoal + kerosene.
[ hiperbola ]
And my heart doens't feel comfortable...just like something is tighthen my heart,I wonder why and I am feeling worried.
Anthony has picked his new specs just now,I was the one who helped him to pick,feeling so proud,hahah^^
On the way sending me home,dad and Anthony quarrelled.
That's what I hate the most,I really don't like it.
I feel so scared when they are quarrelling.
Both of them are having a bad temper,Anthony is just the same as his father -- bad temper.
Why can't they just talk to each other peacefully?
Duh...they were still hee hee hah hah before that.==
Listening to 'Ave maria' right now,I feel so happy and touched...
Ave maria,the song I loved...I feel so comfortable and free...
It's eleven now,I was suppose to sleep at this time,normally.
I don't wanna get into bed,I am still energetic now,I wanna do anything I want,listen to the songs I like,and chat with somebody I feel like...
Exam...Fine,don't think of them right now...just enjoy your saturday night.
Yeah...that's what I would like to deal with...
Not going to sleep yet,but have to say good night and bye bye to my blog now.
So good night guys. Tomorrow will be a better day.^^ Cheese.

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