Friday, August 14, 2009

A Friday Story

It's a friday -- another boring day to go on.
When we were practising the indian dance,suddenly my stomach feel very pain.
Gosh...stomachache again...==
I cannot stand up so I just sat on the floor and wait for rescue.>,<
Oh God...pain...TT
Many people were asking me whether I am okay or what happened to me..I think I was okay..
Ben saw me and asked me to take a sit and have some rest.
TT pain... TT
Chung Kit gave me some's 'bou zai yun'.
Oh my...long time never eat these small tiny little thingy ad...ah~ they smells good...^^
Chung Kit and Wee Sin were playing around me,duh...they were playing but I had to suffer from the pain,sad...TT
I was getting better after taking those medicine...I did not finish them all.^^
After that,Yoew Xin came down and search for me.
I forgot to take my pencil case again! Haiyoyo! >,<
Luckily she give me back,otherwise,I sure will nervous until...duno.
Then...Ben and I went for our lunch at the canteen...
After eating and revise a little bit under the tree,we went back home.
I haven't done my Chemistry homework! AHHHHH!!!!!
Got to finish them now,bye~

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