Monday, November 30, 2009


Stayed at home yesterday,duh...boring~
Me and my lil brother wanna go out to somewhere but duh...
Dad's lazy,and mum? Impossible. =.=
Speechless,and hopeless. T_____T
Dad says he is going to buy the paint for us to paint our own room,but he still haven't buy yet,I wanna paint!! I wanna do somethin! >o<
Mine is going to be pink (although I want something else,but nevermind...)
And my bros' are going to be sky blue.
Yes,we need to paint our room,cuz the colour is dull already. :)
Woke up quite late this morning,and I was dam happy cuz I can woke up a bit late today,at least not at 7. ^^
Wahaha~ I woke up at 8.45am today~~! Hurray~~!!! XD
Long time never woke up so late in the morning already.
I was too happy until I lied on my bed for another an hour and 15 minutes only I get myself into the bathroom and take my morning shower,I wanna wash my hair~♥
Went to Carefour yesterday at 3.15pm,it was raining,duh...inconvenient.
Mummy parked her car in the indoor parking and I went to KFC myself. XD
I wanna eat cheesy wedges~!! XD
I ordered a large cheesy wedges and I ate it all by myself + reading a book called 'master and angel'.
It is a nice story,finished reading it yesterday,nice and touching. :)
Yesterday was a totally boring day,anyway,dad gave a really BIG suprise for all of us. =.=
He bought a DVD player and it cost tut.
My specs is broken. Everyone's specs are broken. =o=
My aunt is here now,with her lil daughter -- my little cousin sis.
She's having chicken pocks but she's getting better.^^
My aunt is pregnant,I think 5 or 6 months already.
I wonder the baby is a boy boy or a girl girl.^^
She says she want a brother,then I asked her why don't she want a sister,then both of you can play masak-masak and ban leng leng ma,she did not answer me then,hahah!
I teach her how to play the computer game just now,and she played happily.^^
She's going back home now,wishing her recover faster. :)
Hungry lah...T__T Kakak cooked 'mice noodle',bro said it is super spicy owh! XD
Happy~~ Xo Anyway,I can't eat too much spicy food,haiz...=.=
Feels like eating ice-cream ah...=o=
Oh yea,what's my breakfast again...cheese spread + bread,mushroom soup,cookies and the bitter medicine. T____T
I hate medicine...
Actually...I have many things to write but...I forgot everything already...
Haiz...November is ending soon...December is just around the corner.
That means,our holiday just left a month.
I feel sad when I think of it.
Going to visit my pup SweetPea at petPupz now.
See ya people,take care.^^


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Close your ears!!

Oh my God,my dad is singing. =.=

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Went to see a sifu just now,erm...tabib Cina. XD
He says,my body is kinda weak but I still can be rescued.
He wants me to stop eating cold,sour and spicy food!!
It is killing me!! XO How can I survive without spicy food?
Sour? I like!! Cold...erm...nevermind,I can give up that.
But why sour and spicy??! .>O<.
I wanna cry...T____________T
Wow,he's great. He knows what happened to me with just sensing my pulse. O.O
Sleep late...stomachache...breathing problem and everything,he listed out eevrything. >O<
Went to carefour before going to see the tabib Cina.
Wakaka~ bought FOOD~~ my FOOD~~ XD
I wanted to buy ice-cream,strawberry ripple,but too bad,mummy and I were not heading back home after that. Too bad...T.T
Attended a special art class today.
It was a sketching lesson and it was my fisrt time learning these sketching skills.
It was okay...Cuz I am still a newbie.^^ hair smells nice using Dove. ")
Oh yea,I bought 3 cuties yesterday during the bookfair.
For me myseif,and for my brothers.
Guess what I had bought? Hahah,toothbrush's home sweet home! XD
Mine is a pig,second bro's is a frog and little bro's is a cow.
I ♥ the cow but he wants it. .>o<.

Aren't they cutee?? XD

We ♥ animals! I ♥ pig!

I drew something few days ago...

I wonder whether it look weird or not.
Eating red apple,sweet~ ♥ ^^
Hopefully we are going out tomorrow,I don't feel like staying at home. Boring~ =.=
Mummy says that she don't wanna go out cuz she still have a lot of work to do,office work. == She needs relaxation.
Okay,that's all for now.
Take care people,live well,sleep well,EAT well.
Tata~ ♥


Friday, November 27, 2009


I am gaining weight. =.=
I ate too much today like an insane and a physco freak. =o=
First,woke up at 7 morning and took my bath.
Started our 'journey' at 8.30am (late for half an hour,should not woke up so early...).
Reached Grandma's house at 9am. Mi-2 and Yin were awake,unlike Fat the sleeping pig.
Took our breakfast then went to 'The mines' bookfair.
There're many people but there're not many things and books to see and observe.
Not many English books are there,most of them are Chinese,some kinda boring books.
I bought 2 English books -- Cecilia Ahern's 'A place called here' and Sophie Kinsella's 'Remember me?' plus a Chinese storybook. :)
We were then headed to a restaurant in 'The mines' hotel to have our buffet lunch.
Whoa~ the food there made my salivary gland keep on producing saliva and made my nerve cells keep on sending nerve impulses to my brain saying that 'I wanna eat!! I am hungry!!' XD
Wakaka,I ate A LOT of food.
Hmm...what I ate...
I ate cheesy spaghetti,cheesy lasagne,don't know what prawn,Thai chicken,chicken cream soup,nyonya kuih,sandwitch,prawn roll,sweet green vege,'sushi',Malay fried rice,chau guo tiao,tauhu,yellow thingy,brocolli,black pepper lamb chop,mixed salad included prawn,peas,cucumber,carrot,tiny tauge,pickles,mini pasta,raw vege and tomatoes + salad sauses,satay (not nice de),tart,dodol,'corn flavour' bubu chacha,bread,chocolate cake,coffee cake (not so nice),honeydew jelly,small litle
cute cakes,mango cake,freezed strawberries (hard...) and finally,strawberry + vanilla + YAM~ + nuts + small almond pieces ice-cream. XD
Wanna see what I ate? ^^

My first dish. :)

My second dish. :)

My third dish. :)

My forth dish. :)

My fifth dish. :)

Yam ice-cream. LOVE

'Kiddy seats' XD

Yo bro.

Mr.Fat. =.=

My 'wear what also lose' ELDEST cousin sis. XD

My youngest bro. ^^

Mi-2. XD

My dearest wai po~

Beautiful scene.

Chocolate cake and I. ^^

Creamy milky and I. :)

Lying on the 'sandy bed'(forgot what it called). XD



Pretty little daisies.

Coping what the statue did. XD

This looks better.^^

Three generations. ^^

Oh yea,daddy did something which I think was cool this morning.
Grandma's flower's head was 'broken',K.O.
She berat hati to throw the flower,so she decided to stick it back.
Mummy used cellophone tape to stick it but she failed. XD
So Funny!! XD Then,superman came for the rescue~~
Daddy used tooth pick to joined the flower with the body back and it looks great! XD
Smart daddy. :)

Look at the tooth pick.^^

Isn't it cute?? XD
Okay,gotta go for my dinner,my kakak's recipe -- super nasi lemak.
Enjoy your day people.
Eat well,sleep well.
Ciaoz~ ^^


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Book fair ♥ ♥ ♥

Woke up as usual in the morning,6am. ==
It's killing me!! I wanna sleep like a baby,but why can't I?? >.<
Went to a friend's house in the morning and came back home at noon,5 minutes before 12.
Started watching Boys over flowers straight away,eating duck noodles cooked by maid + blackcurrant juice + kiwi chocolate + sugar biscuits accompanied by TV.
They were not satisfying my tummy,I wonder why. =o=
I think I am getting fatter and fatter...gonna start planning my diet already. >o<
Saw nice horses in Boys OF.
I started to dream...O.O
I was thinking that,if I could ride on a pure shiny black horse with soft fur on a piece of big land covered by snow under the warm sun,isn't that beautiful?
Yeah,it will be beautiful. Hopefully my dream will come true. My black horse.^^
Feels like eating Bak kut teh...Opps...Duh...Kakak!
Prepare the dinner faster,I wanna eat. =.=
Bak kut teh...what O.O owh...I miss sour sour kiwi so~ much...
And banana milk shake...and shirmp...salted shrimp...and fish sliced porridge + pepper pepper pepper.
Pepper! I want black pepper lamb chop! How fat how hard to bite also nevermind!
I will bite them slowly and patiently! Ahh!! Stupid me,I feel hungry again. T______T
Watched total 9 episodes of Boys OF in 3 days...S---low...
Anyway,I will feel bored if keep watching it. No good for eyes. :s
Ahh!! Still have to wait for an hour for the dinner to be prepared!! Faster!!
Hehehe,guess what?? I am going to a book fair tomorrow!! XD
Yeah~ Can buy lotza books again.♥
But I don't really read them,hahah,depends on my mood,wakaka.^^
Going off at 8am tomorrow...I wanna sleep...daddy...T___T
The book fair is held nearby 'The Mines' hotel. :)
Why are we going off so early tomorrow??
Cuz we are meeting our cousins for breakfast before book fair. ^^
Yay~ Breakfast~ ♥♥♥
I ♥~~~~~~~~~ BREAKFAST♥
Hmm...what to boots,yes,my boots.
And my brown tight pants + mummy's blue top.
Ting~ match . match . match. ^^
Ahh...hungry...hungRYYYYYYYY...yay...still left 20 minutes...Food~
Can you hear my tummy's singing?
P.S. - singing equals to making noise XD
Oh yea,I wanna thank my aunt Iris for buying me new und****** from Marks and Spencer.
Nice~ ♥ XD
Nice smell too~ ♥ XD
Gotta go,having violin class later,haven't practice yet! >o<
Take care people,especially you♥ ciaoz.^^


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Odd Dream

This is not going to be a boring day. I am glad that it is. :)
Woke up at 8.50am (great) and had my breakfast -- mixed bean soup *black + green + red bean* ,it tastes nice.^^
Continue doing Puan Haris's work (I just realised that I haven't even touch one when I woke up this morning) after that.
Feels like eating something right now but too bad,my maid haven't cook anything yet. T_________T kakak...
After an hour doing her work,finally,it's my turn touching the pc.
Great,PS is normal today,unlike yesterday. =.=
I was shocked cuz I did not really feel sleepy when I was attending Mr.Fong's last night.
I will feel sleepy especially at ten or after ten.
Sleepy until I can fall asleep immediately.
I did not,and I did paid my fully attention listening his lesson yesterday.
I did it! XD I did not yawned!! Erm...actually...I did twice. Heheh. ^^
Hmm...For me,I think that he is a 'Super Time Lover'.
He says that watching Taiwanese and Japanese entertaining shows are a waste of time and we should not watch them unless we are free.
He says that we should take a book and read when we are free but not watchign those wasting time shows.
What...I could not do it,I will die without watching TV shows,especially funnies one.
He always scolds his brothers too,hahah! XD
I wonder how he entertain himself when he is free.
Miss her daughter suddenly. >.< She so cutee and she loves sweets so much! XD
Lazy to attend tuition later...I wanna watch my 'Boys over flowers'. T_____T
It feels great when I see Chandi -- 'silk grass' scolding or hitting Jun Pyo. X3
She's pity too...alwsys being bullied by people,but not anymore after episode 2.^^
Hmm...Soo Yi Zheng is the cutest in the drama,for me,hahah! ^^
Ahh...he is fair and artistic,and he has a sweet smile,owh...melted my heart away...
Still left an essay la...lazy to do but I have to. >o<
Torturing me...K.O.
Wishing daddy could bring us shopping this Sunday...I miss P&co.
Guess what? I had Puan Joginder in my dream. =O=
The story goes like this...
Mummy and I was shopping at a big shopping complex.
After walking for a while,I saw Puan Jo standing in front of 'our school's' front gate and looking inside,anyway,that doesn't look like our school at all cuz it is very big,high class and nice.
I wanted to say hi to her but she pushed me away telling me not to do so in public cuz she don't wanna let people know that she is a school principal.
She was then ran away and I chased her(I don't know why she ran away).
When I ran to a strange place,she is dissapeared.
A friends of mine(I forgot who was she) went to search for her.
The staircase were all sengek,very hard to walk through it.
Then suddenly many animals like rinosouraus and hipoppotamaus ran upstairs and I quickly ran away from them.
That's all. Weird huh?
Hahah,it sounds scary. >w<
I think I am hungry right now...Better search for food.
Ciaoz people,enjoy your hols. :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noodles?? I want FIORI♥

Wake up in the morning unwillingly,I still wanna get back into sleep but I can't!!
This is going to be long,cuz I am dam boring!! >o<
I can't sleep late although it is holiday now,but I don't know why,and I am wondering why.
I wish I could sleep until 9 in the morning but it popped out waking up at 7++.
I am tired waking up ao early but I can do nothing,and it's hard for me to continue getting into sleep again,it hurts me.
Everytime I woke up,I will cover myself with my blanket and my bolster forcing myself to get into sleep again,but that doesn't work.
DUH...fed up. =.=
Cornetti again -- my breakfast.
I had been eating cornetti for 3 days! And yet my maid is still cooking the same thing everyday,why must it be cornetti?? O.o
She used the very same tomato sause everytime too! Oh my...I am getting fed up...
Why not spaghetti or pasta or campanelle or conchigle or farfalle or gemelli or cavatappi or macaroni or manicotti??
At least theor shapes are different. :D
Hmm...I would love to have a try on croxetti,fiori,fusilli bucati,laterne,radiatore,rotelle,cellentani,garganelli and perciatelli.
They look cutee! Especially radiatore!! XD
Anyway,they taste like the same only. Flour. :p
Argh...I haven't done Mr.Fong's work...Going to finish them later. XS
Great...FB was having a problem to load Pet Soc. but now,it's loading.^^
From5s' are done with their moral paper right now (10.33am),they can head back home and revise add maths for tomorrow. :D
I saw TaySwift in the newspaper when I was chiaking my cornetti (=.=),she won 5 awards and became the most awards star among so many entertainers.
She even beat MJ...Anyway,MJ is still cool and superb. :)
♥ing her forever & always piano version,our song,you belong with me and white horse.
Opps...yuck!! Failed loading PS.?? O.O
What...are you trying to kill me?? I am bored!! BORED BORED BORED!!
Do you understand English? Please don't kill me,I need you badly and madly. T___T
DUH...Retried for times but still...hopeless...:'(
Nevermind,PetPupz first. :(
Hopefully it will be alright later. Hopefully.
Ginneeee,need some help here,rescue me.
My puppeee!! My Coton de tulear~~♥
Where does the name Coton de Tulear came from? >>>
Coton is the French word for Cotton. Like the name suggests the most conspicuous feature of the Coton De Tulear is its coat, which is cottony or fluffy rather than silky. It has a long topcoat. The fluffy hair covers the thin, lightly-muscled forelegs. Colors come in white & black and white and tri-colored. (White is preferred by show breeders.) Some have slightly yellowish markings on the ears.
And it looks like this >>>

Tadah~ I think they look fluffy. Very fluffy. Sure very nice to hug. ^^
I would like to breed 2 or 3 dogs in the future. :)
Duh...I am sad now.
Someone spoiled my mood,but why is he?
I don't understand why I have such brothers?
I am the one who should tolerate with them but not them?
Who the hell they think they are??
I am elder than them!! And he? What tone and words did he used when he was speaking to me?
If I were you,I will sure push you out from the window right now! I don't care whether you are still alive or not!
Why am I always the one who should be kind and playing the pity role?
It's unfair!! I will not scared of them,I have the right to do whatever I want.
But he? Is not a creature,he is not a human! Heartless!
Hurts people with his words is his favorite,he,I am kinda feeling like killing him.
But I think positive,they don't.
What is the matter with the extra half an hour??
Will it kill you or torture you? Just for a while,but he was already mad like shit.
You,my brothers,my younger brothers,you are the one who should show me manners and tolerate with your elders,not me!!!!!!!!!
Don't make me cry,I don't wanna hate you.
Like what I have always said,one will have their own control limit.
Not everyone can control themselves,their madness,you guys are lucky cuz I did not even tell daddy and mummy,and I am the one who always plays the tears dropping role silently.
Okay...stop talking about them,I have fed up with their attitude already,i know them well,too bad,they are brainless,and black-hearted.
Continue being the victim? No,I will not.
Please forgive me if I have done anything wrong,thank you.
Gotta go,bye.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Love Quotes

“My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; Well lock them up together, And throw away the key.”

“You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.”

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

"Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.
"When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

"There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved."

Duh...boring. :(
Taken a plate of Cornetti as my breakfast just now but I need milk.
Hahah,the new items in Pet Soc. are so cute. XD
Going to a friend's house later,wish that time could flow faster,I don't wanna stay at home,I mean for too long.
Dad says he will start to take us to shopping as ir will be busy after school reopens.
Perhaps...We will be going out this Sunday?? ^^
Wahaha,I wanna buy clothes,my hands are feeling itch already. >.<
P&co. is my personal favorite.♥
Hmm...I ♥ skirts.
I am going to get myself 2 pairs of shoe shoe this year,no boots!
Flats will do. :)
Btw,I have 2 new skirts and 6 new tops already...
Opps...shhh...don't tell my mum. XD
Haiz...boring lah...
Hahah,Lola is now 33 lvl. ^^
Oh yea,New Moon is going to on at this Thursday.
Wanna watch it. :)
I would like to watch 'The princess and the frog' too. ^^
Oh yeah,and Avatar,it is a must watch movie directed by the director of the famous movie 'Titanic' and forgotten.
Okay,that's all for now.
Enjoy your hols.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

CD Fever

Guess what?? We bought 37 discs at Summit USJ today!! XD
So...hahah...we spent a lot of money too...
We went there cuz there's undergoing a promotion for books and discs.
I was so exited when I saw those animations. XD
And I bought 3. XD
- Shugo Chara
- Junjou Romantica
- Saiunkoku

Next,I bought a Korean sad movie -- Virgin Snow and 'Boys over flowers' >w<
Daddy bought me 'Violin 101','The best of classical collections' and Dennis Lau's 'Diversity' too. ^^ much did they cost...O.O
Besides,I bought some books too.
I bought 'The simple rules of love','Escape','Blue moon','Dark secrets 1' and some Chinese books. :)
Thank you very much,my dear papa and mama♥
Hmm...wanna watch Junjou Romantica later.
Yin says,it's a boys love anime and it's very I bought it. ^^
Have you heard of Dennis Lau?
He is a violinist who plays his electrical violin on the stage with the models at fashion shows.
I saw him in a newspaper one day and I met him at the very same place!! X3
I can get his autography cuz I bought his album too. ^^
He is quite tall,fit and he is dam man with his mustache♥
Wakaka,I took pictures with him too!! XD
This is it♥

He looked enjoyed and cool when he was performing too. XD

Taking his autograph. :)

Look at these...=s

Mountains of discs...@.@

Gotta go,enjoy your holidays.
See ya!♥


Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Haircut♥

I cut my hair!! XD
Erm...actually...I wanted to cut them short before,but I berat hati nak say bye bye to my long hair so...I cut them about 2 to 3 inches and I cut them straight. :)
Hmm...I like it. :D
I feel lighter after I went to my haircut,byebye to my long long hair lo...
Heehee,my hair is so cutee! XD
I felt very bored after came back from saloon,I had nothing to do.
Slept for a while before attended to art class.
Feeling dizzy and lazy before that.
Mum says my body is weak,she's going to bring me for a checkup. >.< I don't wanTT!!
Wahaha,attending mum's friend's daughter's wedding buffet later,but too bad,the weather is not so pretty. :s
Please stop raining,rain rain,go away...
Hahah,wanna share some photos with you guys right now.^^
Tadah~~ Open your eyes~

This is me♥

And this,is our beloved Mr.Kent♥ playing hide and seek??

No manners!! >.< 18PL

Wendee and I♥

Chen Hui and I♥

He's late in order to change his outfit. ==

Mr.Kent and I. :)

The cutee dog at KTM station♥

Audrey and I♥

Ting and I♥

Makan~!! XD

Boo the potato!! XD

Zhen Nam and I. :)

Say cheese~ ♥ owh...miss the cheesy wedges!!

Thanks for the KFC. :)

Jacki and I♥

Ryhu Chyi and I♥

Tickets!! The Christmas Carol!! *don't watch it...*

Happy family!! XD

I had a greay day yesterday,thanks guys!! ♥ you all