Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sicky Me

Hi. I am sick again. And this ia a serious one. =.=
Went to see the doctor just now and he says :'Your throat is terible. It is swelled and reddish,besides,there're many white dots.'
Then,he drew a picture of my throat to show that my throat is not in a good state.
I have to take antibiotic for twice a day but actually,the antibiotic is suppose to be taken once a day.
He gave me a rinsing reagent for me and asked me to rinse my mouth 3 times a day to make sure that my mouth is always being in a clean and a good state.
Oh my God,the medicines costs me 60 bucks but there're just 4 types of medicines.
My granny did not brought enough money so she lend some from her friend. O.O
I feel so sorry cuz my medicine is very costly,I am sorry!! >.<
I will sure recover soon,don't worry! X)
Took my medicine at 10 just now,have a take my fever medicine after 4 hours. T_____T
I did not update my blog yesterday,cuz I slept. >.<
Once again,I did not atttend to uncle Larry's class last night,I feel so sorry.
Sorry,uncle Larry. I know that you miss me lots. >o< Hahah! XD
I was not feeling well yesterday,it was a emo day yesterday cuz it was the gruduation day of form 5s' students.
It was sad,and maybe,it will be the very last time for me to meet them back in the future. I will miss them much,for sure.
Hopefully I will get to my form 5 life next year,I will soon become a senior!!
That's fast,and I don't feel like facing it too fast,I still miss my form 4 life and my dear form 5 friends.
And now,they left school,and soon facing their SPM tomorrow -- 18 of Nov.
ARGH...It will be my death next year. T_________T fainting.
Feeling so sick,so...I don't think I can go out tomorrow...
I am sorry,my friend,I will pay back you guys in the future,I am sorry!! >.<
So sad...my maid cooked a very special fish dish yesterday but I can't taste it. T.T
Oh yea...I did not eat anything yesterday except a choholate bread as my dinner before I get into sleep. I had no appetite.
My mama nagged me,and so my dad. Ahh...stop nagging me. >,<
My holiday starts from today onwards,hpoefully I will spend my hols wisely this time,I will not watse my precious time,I need to be determined!! X)
Gambadeh la!!! I support you!!! Go go go my pig!!! XD
Feeling so semangat although I am feeling ill right now,wakaka!!! X3
That's all for now,gotta go,see ya.


sicky me

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