Sunday, November 8, 2009


I bought 4 tops at Fila just now.^^
I ♥~ FILA!
We ♥~ FILA!!
All my family members ♥ FILA. XD
Hmm...I chose a green,red,purple and pink top cuz they are nice.^^
Daddy,mummy and my little 2 brothers managed to get themselves something too.
Daddy has 2 shirts,mummy has 3 tops and a pants,and the 2 monkeys have 3 shirts each.
Wakaka~ I am satisfy. XD
Before that,we went to McD at Damansara for our lunch.
At first,we wanted to collect all the different colour cups but...all of them were sold out,too bad. :(
Oh yea,happy birthday to burn fish.^^
After visiting FILA,we went to carefour and we went to MvD again cuz~
There are cups left!!! XD
Anyway,there are only one colour left -- green.
Nevermind,we still want it.
So...we went for our second McD once again...=p
Next,mummy and I went to the supermarket to buy some food cuz we are visiting grandma and dear cousins.^^
We bought doughnuts and a HL milk for myself.
I ate a cup of ice-cream but actually I shouldn't...>w<
Okay,we are here at Fat's house.
Walao...the weather is so hot...sauna...TT
Wakaka,guess what,my skinny cousin sis has joined us -- the wearing specs group. XD
Mi-2 chose the specs for her,it's a red + black spec.
Btw,Fat has change his specs to a blue + white spec cuz his power has reduced.
Congartz~ Claps! XD
Oh yea,Flora has reminded me to write something in this blog.
Erm...when I was attending the art class yesterday,there were 2 students quarelling suddenly. first,both of them were discussing about the politics and government with our art teacher Mr.Chin.
After finish discussing,suddenly they started to quarelled and keep on scolding each other.
They mentioned about 'dai b','brainless','idiot' and bla. eyes were big cuz I was shocked that they dare to mentioned those words. O.O
They can't stop making nioses and it interrupts me. =.=
So...I can't last anymore and...
I turned to my back and 'scolded' them.
Not really scold but...warn them.
And they stops. Hahah...-==-
Teacher was telling them that 'you see you see,you guys made jiejie mad.'
Owh my...I was so embarrassed.>.<
I should have control myself. ==
I am still full...
Thinking of what can I do tomorrow at school.
I don't wanna spend my time doing nothing.
Although I don't wanna say hi to the holiday so fast.
Puan Amutha should let us practice kush kush tomorrow...
So that we will have things to do.
But she didn't. Too bad...TT
Planning what and where should we have our holiday later with fat,Andrew my little bro and Flora.
Sunsway Hotel may be the best choice cuz fat's going to face his Spm and Flora's going to take her exam at December which will be ended on 24 December.
So...we will only left a week to go for our trip but there're no where we can go so...
Nevermind,Sunway Hotel then,I wanna swim.^^
Oh yea,I forgotten about my HL milk already.
Gotta go now,thristy.
So,ciaoz. :)


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