Friday, November 13, 2009


I did something embarrsassed in the hall just now...
I fell down in front of many people. =.=
Actually,we were having lotza fun playing and dancing like stupid or insane around and very high lah...
Then I was dancing 'sorry sorry' with Sharon (copied N2O) then suddenly I fell down on the floor...
My butt! Sharon!!
We just danced once during rehearsal.
Others,hahah!!! We played and danced like fools!!! XD
Wah...pain... T____T
Risshen was very funny,he played Sharon's role and Sharon played his role.
Hahah!!! The funniest part is when Sharon 'swing' him!
Risshen's taller than her so it just looked funny and...funny.
Yeah,funny. >w<
When I was dancing with Sharon,we laughed like hell cuz we were the crazy couple among them all.
We were jumping and running and hopping here and there but actually we should do turning,swinging and some walking part. XD
Tomorrow's the day,hopefully everything will be going on well.^^
Kuss kush people,gambadeh and hwaiting! XDD
Tomorrow will be the last day I will be dancing with my partner.
Thanks for being my partner,I am glad that you are my partner,I do had and have lotza fun,thanks to you. :)
The last time...I will enjoy and cherish it,and won't forget it.
Went to had some coconut after school cuz the weather was as hot as...microwave. coconut had no f;esh inside!
I feel cheated!! XO
I can't finish my coconut drink so I wanted to pour them into my empty bottle but at last...I poured them onto my skirt. =.=
Clumsy piggie!!! ARGH!!! >.<
I thought there will be no electricity today cuz there was an advertisment yesterday telling us about the non-electricity day started from 10.30am to 7.30pm.
I am glad that there's still electricity when I was back home. XD
I love you,my fan.
I love you,my computer.
i can't live without you.
hmm...long enough,gotta go,ciaoz.
P.S. -- Goodluck to every performers for the majlis persaraan tomorrow.


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