Monday, November 30, 2009


Stayed at home yesterday,duh...boring~
Me and my lil brother wanna go out to somewhere but duh...
Dad's lazy,and mum? Impossible. =.=
Speechless,and hopeless. T_____T
Dad says he is going to buy the paint for us to paint our own room,but he still haven't buy yet,I wanna paint!! I wanna do somethin! >o<
Mine is going to be pink (although I want something else,but nevermind...)
And my bros' are going to be sky blue.
Yes,we need to paint our room,cuz the colour is dull already. :)
Woke up quite late this morning,and I was dam happy cuz I can woke up a bit late today,at least not at 7. ^^
Wahaha~ I woke up at 8.45am today~~! Hurray~~!!! XD
Long time never woke up so late in the morning already.
I was too happy until I lied on my bed for another an hour and 15 minutes only I get myself into the bathroom and take my morning shower,I wanna wash my hair~♥
Went to Carefour yesterday at 3.15pm,it was raining,duh...inconvenient.
Mummy parked her car in the indoor parking and I went to KFC myself. XD
I wanna eat cheesy wedges~!! XD
I ordered a large cheesy wedges and I ate it all by myself + reading a book called 'master and angel'.
It is a nice story,finished reading it yesterday,nice and touching. :)
Yesterday was a totally boring day,anyway,dad gave a really BIG suprise for all of us. =.=
He bought a DVD player and it cost tut.
My specs is broken. Everyone's specs are broken. =o=
My aunt is here now,with her lil daughter -- my little cousin sis.
She's having chicken pocks but she's getting better.^^
My aunt is pregnant,I think 5 or 6 months already.
I wonder the baby is a boy boy or a girl girl.^^
She says she want a brother,then I asked her why don't she want a sister,then both of you can play masak-masak and ban leng leng ma,she did not answer me then,hahah!
I teach her how to play the computer game just now,and she played happily.^^
She's going back home now,wishing her recover faster. :)
Hungry lah...T__T Kakak cooked 'mice noodle',bro said it is super spicy owh! XD
Happy~~ Xo Anyway,I can't eat too much spicy food,haiz...=.=
Feels like eating ice-cream ah...=o=
Oh yea,what's my breakfast again...cheese spread + bread,mushroom soup,cookies and the bitter medicine. T____T
I hate medicine...
Actually...I have many things to write but...I forgot everything already...
Haiz...November is ending soon...December is just around the corner.
That means,our holiday just left a month.
I feel sad when I think of it.
Going to visit my pup SweetPea at petPupz now.
See ya people,take care.^^


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