Friday, November 6, 2009

Majlis Perpisahan PPS 2009

今天是本校图书馆理员一年一度的Majlis Perpisahan.
哇哈哈! 首先,我们大伙儿先到图书馆打扫.
我最记得的是政伦的书签,因为那张是最好笑的. ^^
So...after that,we arrange the chairs and the tables and...
Recess! XD
I brang my nuggets and I shared them with Yeowxin. ^^
After eating,we went to the hall and started the dance practise.
We danced until 12 and me and my partner were sitting in the hall and rest after that.
We also read about an article about...
Erm...tut...mimi...tut. XD
Finally,the time has come.
Majlis Perpisahan had started on 12.45 sharp and it started with Puan Hamidah's speech.
After giving out all the souvinirs to all the 15 seniors,we gave them a big suprise.
It was a slide show and many of them cried after watching it.
So do I...I was hiding behind at the fiction when my tears started to flow out from my eyes.
Michelle cried because I cried. XD
We presented a song -- 'you raise me up' by Josh Gorban for them after the slide show.
And Sinsin cried...
And many of them cried.
I saw Weinian cried too...
I wanted to cry when the song began cuz' I saw Sokfen was crying until her face turned red.
Oh my...It was sad.
Ziying and Sofea were playing the violin as the intro.
Upnext,we played a game and we were seperate into 4 groups -- the dog group,the donkey group,the ducky group and the dinasour group.
I was in the doggy group. XD
After that,the 4 groups were again seperated into 2 groups to continue the game.
1 of the group has to be blind folded and send a banana to the other same group member to eat the banana given by the blind folded person.
Dang dang dang dang~
The final results is~
4 of us won cuz' nobody lose nor win.
We were equal. XD
The food comes next.
After letting afternoon section PPS and the form 5 seniors to eat,then only we started to eat.
I ate a lot of jellies! XD
Boink boink~ O.O
And the muffins are nice and tasty,full with chocolates! ^^
Thanks to Xinyan's mama.
Thank you aunty~
The majlis ended successfully.
I am very satisfied of what we have done.
Thank you guys,thank you for everything.
Wishing all the form 5 seniors to pass their SPM with flying colours.
All the best in SPM!!!
I will miss you,so please do not fotget us all.
There's another round of kush kush again tomorrow at 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
All the best for tomorrow! XD
I am smelly now,haven't take my bath yet.
So...gotta go,I don't wanna be smelly and attract flies.
Ciaoz and bye.


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