Saturday, November 7, 2009


Am I thinking too much??
Or I am not?
I wonder...
My family were out,left me and my maid alone in this home.
The computer was being turned on at 6.
I am using it for 3 hours already.
And this is the third piece of writing for today.
Cuz I have many things to express...
But I just can't find a proper way to express them out.
I am moody.
I am sad.
Form 5 students are leaving the school soon.
I am not going to see them after 5 days later.
The coming week is going to be the last week we can see each other.
I am going to cherish each and every second with all of you.
Just read Jason AK Bakzham's blog.
His blog is a memory.
He shares his feelings and memories by expressing himself in his blog.
He updated his blog almost every single day.
I feel touched whenever I finish reading his blog,I am touched by feeling his feelings.
especially the 'chee cheong fun' part.
It makes me wanna cry,my tears were going to roll down from my eyes onto my cheeks.
But I controlled myself.
What am I going to be next year?
I don't know.
Yeah,live with laughs and loves.
I will try my best to do it.
I wanna cut my hair.
Whenever I see my hair,I feel like...
I wanna cut them with my scissors.
I wanted to cut it short,wanna have a new image and a brand new look.
But finally I don't,perhaps long hair is better for me.
I am going to curl my hair after SPM,wakaka~
Rain rain go away...
I love cloudy sky,but not crying sky.

I am mad.
Grandma just came back from her friend's party dinner and she was pressing the doorbell outside the gate with an unberlla under the rain and my maid was talking with somebody with her phone closing the door in her room without her ears sensing or hearing the keep on non-stop being pressed ringing doorbell??
DUH...After dashing down to the living room,my grandma was opening the small gate outside with a bunch of keys holding her umbrella outside.
Poor granny...
I wanted to open the automatic gate for her but she refused.
After that,I ran to my maid's room to see what was she doind and she was talking to someone with her phone??
Laughing summore???
I bang the door and ran upstairs and I stepped on my feet and almost fell on the stairs just now.
I was mad on her.
Granny was pressing the doorbell and she did not heard it??
Or she refused to hear it?
Okay,I understand.
It's been the eighth year she's been working as a maid for our family.'s kinda normal for her changing attitude these months...
Getting used to it...
Owh...I gotta new name! XD
'Ben the lazy pig'. XDD
I am getting better right now.
Not as moody as the past half an hour.
Just do it.
Okay,my third piece of writing is long enough,so...
It's time to sat goodbye.
What am I going to do soon?
No idea...
Ciaoz,and good night.
Au revior.


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