Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Went to see a sifu just now,erm...tabib Cina. XD
He says,my body is kinda weak but I still can be rescued.
He wants me to stop eating cold,sour and spicy food!!
It is killing me!! XO How can I survive without spicy food?
Sour? I like!! Cold...erm...nevermind,I can give up that.
But why sour and spicy??! .>O<.
I wanna cry...T____________T
Wow,he's great. He knows what happened to me with just sensing my pulse. O.O
Sleep late...stomachache...breathing problem and everything,he listed out eevrything. >O<
Went to carefour before going to see the tabib Cina.
Wakaka~ bought FOOD~~ my FOOD~~ XD
I wanted to buy ice-cream,strawberry ripple,but too bad,mummy and I were not heading back home after that. Too bad...T.T
Attended a special art class today.
It was a sketching lesson and it was my fisrt time learning these sketching skills.
It was okay...Cuz I am still a newbie.^^ hair smells nice using Dove. ")
Oh yea,I bought 3 cuties yesterday during the bookfair.
For me myseif,and for my brothers.
Guess what I had bought? Hahah,toothbrush's home sweet home! XD
Mine is a pig,second bro's is a frog and little bro's is a cow.
I ♥ the cow but he wants it. .>o<.

Aren't they cutee?? XD

We ♥ animals! I ♥ pig!

I drew something few days ago...

I wonder whether it look weird or not.
Eating red apple,sweet~ ♥ ^^
Hopefully we are going out tomorrow,I don't feel like staying at home. Boring~ =.=
Mummy says that she don't wanna go out cuz she still have a lot of work to do,office work. == She needs relaxation.
Okay,that's all for now.
Take care people,live well,sleep well,EAT well.
Tata~ ♥


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