Sunday, November 1, 2009

Terry Fox Run

It's a beautiful Sunday and we,the Choo family were joining 'Terry Fox Run' at the Lake Gardden in KL in this beautiful morning.
We reached there at 8 and the run starts at 9.
Mama and my big bro were not running,mama's having her duty to distrubute mineral waters for the runners and my big bro's sick.
So,papa,little bro and I were the only Choo members left for the run.
When the run starts,whoo hoo~! I felt so exited and fun.
This had been the forth time we joined this event and run.
And this time,we have a very special running shirt -- a black one. first,I was thinking like...
What?? A black one?! I will totally sweat like hell when I am running under the sun!
Luckily the shirt is not a thick one. Phew...
The shirt is nice.
I love the back of the shirt.
It says -- 'terry Fox Run for cancer research' with many pictures of shoes on the top.
I was the top 200 runner among the thousands of people.
Hmm...mama says that there are at least 3 to 4 thousand people who are running.
Wow,I feel so happy when I reached to the finish line.
There were a few people there on the main point when I reached there,I reached there so early and I have waited for my papa and my little bro for so~ LONG!
I sitted on the grass for about half an hour worrying whether they are okay or not or raeching or not.
Duh...and they told me that they just ran half way and stopped running at where mama was distributing teh water bottles. ==
I felt cheated.
I was the only person who had finished the run in my family.
And I have waited for them for so long,and I had took milo drinks for them either but they did not even say a 'thank you'.
Stupid brothers.
I should not treat you guys so good,and you guys have been cheating me,made me sitting on the grass for so long,me alone! Under the sun! 'usual'...we had 'steal' a lot of bread. XD
Total stolen bread = 33.
Wakaka,I took some of them also. XDD
Wow...I smell stinks now. ==
Going to 0C's house to do something -- tut.
Actually...I wanna follow mama to hang out with my aunt and her daughter...
They are going out for lunch!
They will sure eat a lot and they will sure be eating good stuffs!
BUT,without me!!! TT
That's not cool. :(
I can follow them,but I have an 'appoinment' with 0C later.
Nevermind,I wanna see what will be going on later.^^
Our masterpiece! XD
Time to go,I am smelly right now.
Toodles and have a nice weekend.


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