Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guitar ♥

I will be 'attending' my first guitar lesson tomorrow in school.
In school??! O.o
Yeah,in school.
And my tutor's~~ Tadah~
Miss Juli and miss Kejuin! XD
I wanna learn many songs from them,I wanna learn 'you belong with me','graduation',
'river flows in your' and many more.^^
So,I will be bringing my guitar to school tomorrow.
There will be kush kush tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the raptai day and we will have to bring along our 'anarkeli' to show Puan Amutha.
I wanna change mine cuz it's too big and it's sleeveless.
Oh my my...I am attending bio and phy tuition class later but I haven't done my homework yet. ==
I am going to finish at least half later!
Go go go!
I keep on hanging around while I was in the school just now.
Teachers' not teaching,and we students were just sitting around and chit chatting,playing some kiddy games and singing songs.
Juli,Kejuin and me were playing guitar and singing together.
We had a lotza fun. XD
Erm...actually,I was not the one who 'involved' in the guitar playing thingy...
But I am happy cuz I learned some chords.^^
I know how to play 'I gotta feeling' by Black Eyed Peas. >w<
Hopefully nothing 'bad' will happen to me at night later...
Mr.Fong,I am sorry...TT
Wishing myself -- have fun at tuition class later!
And please don't fall asleep or feelin sleepy anymore,I don't want and that's suffering.
Ciaoz + bye + toodles = See ya. ^^


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