Thursday, November 26, 2009

Book fair ♥ ♥ ♥

Woke up as usual in the morning,6am. ==
It's killing me!! I wanna sleep like a baby,but why can't I?? >.<
Went to a friend's house in the morning and came back home at noon,5 minutes before 12.
Started watching Boys over flowers straight away,eating duck noodles cooked by maid + blackcurrant juice + kiwi chocolate + sugar biscuits accompanied by TV.
They were not satisfying my tummy,I wonder why. =o=
I think I am getting fatter and fatter...gonna start planning my diet already. >o<
Saw nice horses in Boys OF.
I started to dream...O.O
I was thinking that,if I could ride on a pure shiny black horse with soft fur on a piece of big land covered by snow under the warm sun,isn't that beautiful?
Yeah,it will be beautiful. Hopefully my dream will come true. My black horse.^^
Feels like eating Bak kut teh...Opps...Duh...Kakak!
Prepare the dinner faster,I wanna eat. =.=
Bak kut teh...what O.O owh...I miss sour sour kiwi so~ much...
And banana milk shake...and shirmp...salted shrimp...and fish sliced porridge + pepper pepper pepper.
Pepper! I want black pepper lamb chop! How fat how hard to bite also nevermind!
I will bite them slowly and patiently! Ahh!! Stupid me,I feel hungry again. T______T
Watched total 9 episodes of Boys OF in 3 days...S---low...
Anyway,I will feel bored if keep watching it. No good for eyes. :s
Ahh!! Still have to wait for an hour for the dinner to be prepared!! Faster!!
Hehehe,guess what?? I am going to a book fair tomorrow!! XD
Yeah~ Can buy lotza books again.♥
But I don't really read them,hahah,depends on my mood,wakaka.^^
Going off at 8am tomorrow...I wanna sleep...daddy...T___T
The book fair is held nearby 'The Mines' hotel. :)
Why are we going off so early tomorrow??
Cuz we are meeting our cousins for breakfast before book fair. ^^
Yay~ Breakfast~ ♥♥♥
I ♥~~~~~~~~~ BREAKFAST♥
Hmm...what to boots,yes,my boots.
And my brown tight pants + mummy's blue top.
Ting~ match . match . match. ^^
Ahh...hungry...hungRYYYYYYYY...yay...still left 20 minutes...Food~
Can you hear my tummy's singing?
P.S. - singing equals to making noise XD
Oh yea,I wanna thank my aunt Iris for buying me new und****** from Marks and Spencer.
Nice~ ♥ XD
Nice smell too~ ♥ XD
Gotta go,having violin class later,haven't practice yet! >o<
Take care people,especially you♥ ciaoz.^^


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