Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am beat.
I was sweeping the floor in the library,wiping and cleaning the dust on the table,door,racks and fiction.
Oh gosh...the dust was like...
Being at there for years without anyone cleaning them.
My hands...were turning grey.
That's not fun or cool,it made my nose itchy and felt like sneezing all the time.
I Hate DUST!!!
Before that,we -- Yenping,Lingsze,Wenting,Yanting,Jingying,Yeowxin,Merissa,Michelle,Sweetyee and me,
were practising the song 'You raise me up' by Josh Gorban.
Oh my my,the key is so low until we sang like a man. ==
Ziying and Sofea's going to play us violin as the intro before we sing the song tomorrow,wish them luck!
And so do we! XD
We sang for 4 periods.
Lingling and me are going to sing the accapella and the background,a bit.
That's fun,especially at the 'stormy seas' part. XD
There are 2 teachers who were teaching today,they are Puan Teh and Mr.Yap.
I don't like teaching after having our last term exam.
It feels boring,and there were not many students in class,so it's even worse.
Form 5 students are going to graduate soon...
And soon,we'll becoming form 5 students next year.
I am worried.
I can't even settle my form 4 studies and I am going to face my form 5 like this?
Oh God,help me.
I am dying. ==
Many feelings are all mixed up together today.
And yet,I was not showing all of them out.
I was being normal,like what I usually did.
I will be alright isn't it?
Yeah,I will be.
Hahah,I am still being the same everyday -- being clumsy like a pig. XD
I 'lost' my phone on Tuesday and I found it on my mum's bed.
I fotgotten that I was reading 'Konserto Terakhir' on the bed. ==
And I knocked my head onto the chair when I was taking my bread from my drawer in my class.
Ouch! That really hurts!!! XO
I have always been forgetting where did I placed my purse and my phone.
Puan Rossidah asked me to inform Yenping that she's having a BM essay competition after recess today yesterday and I forgotten to tell her until I remembered at the seventh period today.
I am still blur about the notes...
Sharp and natural...which position are they located?
I am still confused.
Looks like I am going to be scolded today again...TT
Okay,time to go.
Hopefully everything will be alright tomorrow.
Majlis Perpisahan PPS,kush kush an choir,all the best for tomorrow! XD
And someone has to work hard too.
That lazy pig. XD


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