Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Okay...looks like I have been blogging all these days...=S
I have nothing else to do am I?? O.o
Perhaps,I do.
TT What esle should i do besides watching TV,surfing the net,eating,and...I have no idea.
Tuition homework?? Oh my God...I am too lazy to touch them.
I keep on comforting myself that I will be revisin and start working hard for the SPM next year in the coming holiday,but I don't think that I will spend my holiday wisely.
Maybe I will surf the net everyday as usual...
Updating my blog (yeah,to improve my English writing),facebook,and whatelse?
Nothing else.
I seldom chat with my friends on MSN.
I feel like...my life has becoming boring and dull after exam.
Cuz...exam was like...
Study like crazy although I do not really understand some parts all the time...
And feeling tension and busy all the time...
But now??
Okay...waiting to receive my sucky results and...bang! K.O.
Pet soc. right now.
Wanna earn more money to buy more expensive things. XD
Owh...Lola's so sweet~ ^^
Spm's just around the corner...
Hopefully my form5 friends will pass with flying colours and...
THEY have to STUDY!!!
Please don't be lazy anymore!
Or else,you will regret for your whole life!
Stupid kidney bean sofa...I hate you!!
Tomorrow will be a busy day...
The first 3 periods,I will be dancing kush kush in the hall.
After that,I will be making invatation cards for teachers in the library to invite them for this coming friday's Majlis Perpisahan PPS 2009.
After recess,maybe we will be practising 'You raise me up' and continue the acrds stuffs.
I need helpers.==
Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day although it will be a busy one.
And hopefully Pn.Amutha is not mad with me and all of us anymore.
Please don't be angry,or esle..Wrinkles! XD
So...gotta go,I have to eat right now.
So...ciaoz. Goodbye.^^


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