Friday, November 13, 2009

Aunty Jo's Retirement

Finally,today is the day.
The day to perform kush kush.
We had been practising for days and weeks and months just for today.
It was the last two performance and everybody were dressed up with beautiful and colourful clothes and costumes.
I wore Bavani's anarkeli which is in pink,and it's very nice.
I borrowed bangles and accessories from Cik Sunthari,Puan Sanda and Bavani.
Thanks to them all.^^
I thought that today will sure to be a good weather day cuz there was rain yesterday.
But it doesn't happened like what I thought.
It rains.
In the morning.
I was so scared and worried that the event is going to be postponed to other day.
Lucliky the rain was not so heavy and the event was till moving on although it was being postponed half an hour late.
The performances were started at 10.15am after the speeches and gifts givings from teachers and classes to Puan Jo.
Puan Amutha said she was crying already before the performences started.
She looked beautiful today with wearing orchids around her neck.
She smiled and smiled and smiled watching the performances.
She looked glad,and sad.
I will miss her,and I will remember her,cuz she had caught me twice in school for my specs. =.=
Anyway,she's a good principal for me. :)
I looked PINK when I was dressed up with my anarkeli and wore my accessories.
An make-up artist helped me to 'fixed my face' too.^^
My scarft was longggg~~~~~~~~~~~ until it almost touched the floor. ==
I had no choice cuz it is so big and long,but I like it. XD
It was so hot and I was sweating like hell after performing kush kush + when I was singing Auld Lang Sign.
The performances were being well performed,all of them were nice.
I did enjoyed the very last kush kush too.
I cherished the last kush kush and I am gonna miss it lots!!
It feels like...we had been practising for so long since July just to perform them today in less than 5 minutes??
Yep,that's it,less than 5 minutes.
Owh...I still wanna dance,I really enjoy the moments we were having our practices although they were tiring. :(
Hmm...I think that the last and the kung fu fighting part of kawad berirama was quite fun.
And the song picked to be used in N20's dance -- Aerosmith's I don't wanna miss a thing,that's cool.
Love that song.
The Dikir barat was cute,the singers were great,the actors were funny,all of us were doing a good job today,Yay~!!! XD
I hugged Puan Joginder when she's going to leave,and I dropped my tears at the moment I hugged her.
I asked her to take care and she smiled.
She left school with a helicopter.
Everyone were shocked when we knew that she's leaving with a helicopter.
Wow...a helicopter...that's really cool.
After that,we went to the market and had our lunch -- I ordered soya drink only,I had no appetite.
Then,we headed to Starbuck at Metro to have a cup of relaxation.
We left at 5.25pm,it was raining again.
The sky was crying for her retirement??
Who knows.
My tongue bleed when I was attending tuition class just now.
Why?? Who hurted my tongue??
Tadah~~ the sweet. =.=
It bleeds!! And a bit pain...T______T
Took a picture of it,take a look later. X3
Don't ever eat Hudgens sweets again,the sweets are 'sharp'. >.<
My legs are tired,went to places and did many things today.
Better get into bed earlier tonight,need ti have enough rest today.
FB time,gotta go,ciaoz.
Good night everyone. :)


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