Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally,I have done reading 'Konserto Terakhir'.
It is a good and real story but it has been changed a little bit of the content.
There's been a person like Hilmi and I wonder who is that guy.
He must be very famous and well known as a genius in the world of music.
It is a sadness and such a big waste to lose one great musician which will lead to a huge emotional change among the people.
I wanna know who is the real person,and I will pay my solute for him as a respect.
In this morning,I realised that my back had been biten by a stupid baka mosquito and the part of mine is still being in a swelling state.
It was like...touching a small tiny little volcano behind my back...
Hahah,not funny at all. =.=
Stupid mosquito,I am going to kill you when I see you,so please get out from my sight!!
That's all for now,gotta take my shower now,I don't wanna get scolded by mama and popo and papa.
Good luck for all the form5s' and all the best.
Ciaoz and bye~ ♥


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