Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Miss My Pillow eyes are as swallow as a panda,I am so tired!!
Guess what,I slept at almost 5am yesterday,or I should say today?
Woke up at 7.18am to prepare myself for today's outing,I woke up automatically,which I thought I am not going to wake up until the sun says hi to my pp.
I was the first one who woke up today,so I woke them up to make sure everything will be well-prepared. dad was tapping my head just now seeing my blog. =.=
I felt so prund and unbelievable cuz I watched 3 movies in 24 hours. >w<
- a HK ghost movie (not scary at all)
- Jennifer's body (erm...not sacry either,but disgusting)
- 2012 (I cried like hell)
Kalye,Yeowxin and I were the first 3 people who reached the station.
Hmph,what were guys doin?? Making we girls wait??
Then here came Indonesia potato.
And finally,Mr.Cheah Kah Sheng.
Our plan was to go for ice skating at Sunway Pyramid,but there were too small number of us,so we decided to changed our plan to plan B -- Midvalley + 2012.
Ouch,my throat hurts me.
The ticket to KL Sentral was being wasted...Sob. T____T
There were lotza people when we reached the selling movie tickets counter.
It's like a huge and super duper long giant snake which was not moving there.
We waited for almost 20 - 30 minutes and finally the counter woke up from its dream.
Owh...the ticket cost 12 bucks! O.O
Next,we seperated into girls and boys group and lepak everywhere.
Bought popcorns + Cola + McD fries (curi-curi) and entered to no.7 theatre.
The movies lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes,it's a long movie.
I cried like hell until my forehead was pain cuz I was like...'folding my forehead' when my tears were dropping from where they stay.(opps..I don't want wrinkles!! >.<)
The story is so sad,many people could not survive.
I think there are only 0.00001% of human beings are survived at last.
Duh...There's a stupid character which is very selfish and self-considerated.
And I hate him. Cuz he's brainless.
Don't mention about him anymore,it makes me feel mad and wanna stuff his big but brainless head into the toilet bowl.
P.S. -- He's a government people.
You guys should watch this movie,it's really meaningful.
It reminds us to treat the mother earth nicely and cherish every moments with friends,cuz life,is short. throat... doesn't say anything about human beings' actions and activities which lead the earth to death but, a reminder. ^^
Owh...I miss the dog which was playing alone at the small street near the Kepong station.
It's so fluffy and white and soft and cuteee!! XD
Wish I could take it home and bath with it or maybe sleep with it after making it clean.
Owh...doggie little doggie...miss you much. >.<
After the movie,we went to McD and had our lunch.
I had cookies cream puff + fries.
The Midvalley station was crowded when we were waiting for the arrival of the train.
We had waited for 40 minutes then finally,the train came.
Oh my God...the crowd was too big until I can hardly breathe caused by difficulties in the intake of oxygen to my red blood cells.
Someone in the train fainted and collapsed in the train,too.
We were like a tin of sardin fish,there was no way that you can move or turn yourself even with a small angle.
Finally,we reached to Kepong station and everyone went back home.
Looks like I have to sleep very early tonight,8??
Neh,9?? Yeah..
Listening to Low Shoulders' 'through the trees',it's nice. :)
So...that's all for now,I am beat,have to take a rest right now.
P.S. -- love your family,friends,and your loved ones.


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