Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noodles?? I want FIORI♥

Wake up in the morning unwillingly,I still wanna get back into sleep but I can't!!
This is going to be long,cuz I am dam boring!! >o<
I can't sleep late although it is holiday now,but I don't know why,and I am wondering why.
I wish I could sleep until 9 in the morning but it popped out waking up at 7++.
I am tired waking up ao early but I can do nothing,and it's hard for me to continue getting into sleep again,it hurts me.
Everytime I woke up,I will cover myself with my blanket and my bolster forcing myself to get into sleep again,but that doesn't work.
DUH...fed up. =.=
Cornetti again -- my breakfast.
I had been eating cornetti for 3 days! And yet my maid is still cooking the same thing everyday,why must it be cornetti?? O.o
She used the very same tomato sause everytime too! Oh my...I am getting fed up...
Why not spaghetti or pasta or campanelle or conchigle or farfalle or gemelli or cavatappi or macaroni or manicotti??
At least theor shapes are different. :D
Hmm...I would love to have a try on croxetti,fiori,fusilli bucati,laterne,radiatore,rotelle,cellentani,garganelli and perciatelli.
They look cutee! Especially radiatore!! XD
Anyway,they taste like the same only. Flour. :p
Argh...I haven't done Mr.Fong's work...Going to finish them later. XS
Great...FB was having a problem to load Pet Soc. but now,it's loading.^^
From5s' are done with their moral paper right now (10.33am),they can head back home and revise add maths for tomorrow. :D
I saw TaySwift in the newspaper when I was chiaking my cornetti (=.=),she won 5 awards and became the most awards star among so many entertainers.
She even beat MJ...Anyway,MJ is still cool and superb. :)
♥ing her forever & always piano version,our song,you belong with me and white horse.
Opps...yuck!! Failed loading PS.?? O.O
What...are you trying to kill me?? I am bored!! BORED BORED BORED!!
Do you understand English? Please don't kill me,I need you badly and madly. T___T
DUH...Retried for times but still...hopeless...:'(
Nevermind,PetPupz first. :(
Hopefully it will be alright later. Hopefully.
Ginneeee,need some help here,rescue me.
My puppeee!! My Coton de tulear~~♥
Where does the name Coton de Tulear came from? >>>
Coton is the French word for Cotton. Like the name suggests the most conspicuous feature of the Coton De Tulear is its coat, which is cottony or fluffy rather than silky. It has a long topcoat. The fluffy hair covers the thin, lightly-muscled forelegs. Colors come in white & black and white and tri-colored. (White is preferred by show breeders.) Some have slightly yellowish markings on the ears.
And it looks like this >>>

Tadah~ I think they look fluffy. Very fluffy. Sure very nice to hug. ^^
I would like to breed 2 or 3 dogs in the future. :)
Duh...I am sad now.
Someone spoiled my mood,but why is he?
I don't understand why I have such brothers?
I am the one who should tolerate with them but not them?
Who the hell they think they are??
I am elder than them!! And he? What tone and words did he used when he was speaking to me?
If I were you,I will sure push you out from the window right now! I don't care whether you are still alive or not!
Why am I always the one who should be kind and playing the pity role?
It's unfair!! I will not scared of them,I have the right to do whatever I want.
But he? Is not a creature,he is not a human! Heartless!
Hurts people with his words is his favorite,he,I am kinda feeling like killing him.
But I think positive,they don't.
What is the matter with the extra half an hour??
Will it kill you or torture you? Just for a while,but he was already mad like shit.
You,my brothers,my younger brothers,you are the one who should show me manners and tolerate with your elders,not me!!!!!!!!!
Don't make me cry,I don't wanna hate you.
Like what I have always said,one will have their own control limit.
Not everyone can control themselves,their madness,you guys are lucky cuz I did not even tell daddy and mummy,and I am the one who always plays the tears dropping role silently.
Okay...stop talking about them,I have fed up with their attitude already,i know them well,too bad,they are brainless,and black-hearted.
Continue being the victim? No,I will not.
Please forgive me if I have done anything wrong,thank you.
Gotta go,bye.


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