Friday, November 20, 2009


Thanks a lot to Mr.Kent for the KFC just now,I am very happy.^^
Feels like crying now...I ate 2 chickens which were both spicy...
Then mash potato,and vege plus cheesy wedges and a large coke.
Thanks a lot Mr.Kent. :)
Before he left,all of us were shouting his name and 'teacher' loudly in front of many people. "Teacher bye bye!!" XD
Too bad Yeow Xin's not here,I will miss her. :(
She's going to 'fly' to China to meet her dad tomorrow...
And it was the last day we see each other in this year cuz we will see each other next year after she came nack from China.
Hey,Chai,listen up:
- drink more water
- wear more clothes,cold ah
- eat more,cold ah,need more fats to be burned
- blanket ah,when you sleep
- bath faster ah,don't get cold
- lip gloss ah,take care and moisture ur sexy lips ah
- lotion,for ur skin
- must miss me ah
- take care ah
- don't sleep so late ah
- must update ur blog always ah,I wanna read
- update photos oso
- do not become thin,not cute
- my birthday present
- webcam me when you are free
- my 'S',I want 2
- buy more clothes for yourself,go shopping
- wear socks

Haiz...gotta say goodbye to you fast...:(
Have to wait for next year lo...T_____T
Miss you already,I wanna pinch your face ah...T__________T
Thanks for the letter. :)
Take care,I will,too.
Eat more ah,I don't wanna see you come back with a thin and small body ah,I will scream at you de ah.
Haiz...okay,let us continue.
Erm...where did I stop??
Yea,then,we took many pics. *Thanks for the pics Ting! ^^*
But without her again. :(
Mr.Kent ordered 29 chickens,4 large potatoes,3 large vege,and 6 large cheesy wedges.
All of them cost 2++. O.O
Anyway,there were many chickens left,12,I think so.
After finishing our lunch,we went to watched 'The Christmas Carol' without Mr.Kent cuz he's busy with some stuffs.
Each ticket cost 17 bucks cuz it's a 3D movie,I mean we chose 3D.
Expensive...and the movie was not so interesting,and it's so short!!
It was Wendee's first time experiencing taking KTM to MidValley.
We were high-ing in the train. XD
It was very hot when we were going back to Kepong station,keep on sweating.
Oh yea,I bought a pic too. ^^
I am going to collect them. :) Pic collection♥
So...that's all for now,it's late.
Gotta go now,take care Chai,sleep well,and early tonight.
Grarr~ Bye my dears...


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