Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busae Wednesdae

It's been a busy day today.
Have been dancing for the first 3 or 4 periods at basketball court under the hot sun.
Sweating like hell. XD
Then,I have been rushing to make 15 invatation cards for the 15 form 5 seniors and AJKs to invite them to attend to the coming Majlis PepisahanPPS this friday.
It's gonna be sad,I think so.
Luckily I found 2 of them,Yijing and Qichen.
They had been helping me for more than 5 periods making them.
Without them,I could not finish making teachers' too.
Thank you girls.
I were not being in the class for the whole day.
I wonder how many marks I get for Bio,and I wonder if Miss Tang was curious of my 'not staying in class case'.
I did not get my slip,I have to get them tomorrow,i don;t wanna be listed that I have been playing truant!
Feeling tired...
I was sweating in the whole morning and have been rushing for the whole morning until 1pm too.
I can finally have some rest right now.
Thirsty...I need H2O...
Spm is just right around the corner.
14 days left guys,Gambadeh!
You can do it! XD
14 days means 2 weeks...
Oh owh...he's in a very big trouble.
Wake up lah!
Stop being a pig,don't ever be a pig like me bcuz I am the pig! Not you!
I know I am cute,but you are not when you are one.

Full of supports!
And power!!!!
Gambadeh lo,I will be there for you! XD
♥ you.


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