Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sucky Mood

Sucky mood!!! I am moody!! Unhappy!!!
Quarelled with the stupid physco just now.
Why am I having this kind of brother?? Is he a guy??
Don't he know how to respect we ladies??
He has no brain,he is brainless.
No,he has one,but it is smaller than your pinky.
He can't think,he had no manners,and he has no manners.
He had no idea what's he doing and dealing with.
He's talking with his sister and he used that kind of stupid tone??
I am going to kill you! You stupid fella! Get lost!
bad temper he has.
Yes,I admit that I have a bad temper also but at least I am much more better than him.
He is not a guy,cuz he don't know what is a MAN.
He will not grow up into a real man,he will not.
I spoke once then he replied twice.
I raised up my tone a bit then he raised up his tone X 10.
What a baka! BAKA!!! Bird brain!!! Pig brain!!! careful,or else I will stuff your head into the toilet bowl tonight!!!
My mood has being like thsi since I woke up in the morning -- bad weather's fault.
There's not much sun today,keep on raining.
Can someone or something make me feel better??
I need help,here,I am here.
Anyway,I am glad that I finished my paints today.
I finished the paint which I could not be done last week too! In 2 hours. ^^
Rain rain go away,you are making me feeling bad~
Going to ting's house to have steamboat together with my fellow friends.
Not bad having steamboat when it is raining out there.
Yeah...going ice skating tomorrow at pyramid...
I am not going to fall this time,erm...maybe once or twice,forgivable.
Duh...I remembered that I fell down 6 times when I first went skate.
Ahh...and something funny happened...don't wanna mention them lah...-==-
Finally,he replied me... :)
Little brother just came back from Jusco.
He wanted to watch 2012 but too bad,all tickets were being sold.
Hahah~ I am going to watch it next wed. ^^
Wearing contact lens now,and wondering why are the images are blur.
Walao...mummy's nagging me now...
Facebook is no good,don't simply accept people or strangers.
Yea yea yea,I will be careful.
Going off now.
Steamboat,here I come! XD


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