Saturday, November 14, 2009

Steam + Boat = Steamboat

Wakaka,I am now right inside Wenting's house.
Had steamboat for our dinner just now.
Full,wahaha. ^^
We used 2 types of soup -- tomyam and "cheng tong".
And the ingredients were -- mushroom,"gold needle mushroom",panda ball,fish ball,vege ball,chicken,fish noodle,crabby,"fu zhuk","bola-bola with a hole in the middle" and hahah~ Indonesian Potato!! XD
Actually,we were not eating that potato,but we wanted to kill the 'potato'. XD
Haiz...the 'potato' is making noises right now,his voice ah,haiyoyo...==
Oh yea,the panda ball were so cute!! XD
Wahaha,I am going to upload some pics and share with you guys later. ^^
Going to sleep at Yeowxin's house later with kitteng.
We will watch a ghost movie later.
It's a ghost movie happened in a school.
Ewww..scared. >.<
This will be my second ghost movie which I am going to watch...
I don't dare to watch any after I watched the first one.
Actually...I did not really watch the first one cuz...
I kept covering my head with pillows. =.=
I am going to watch it today!! I am not scared of you!!! >o<
Hahah,Wenting's bro was shouting just now.
So cute and funny! Hahah! X3
They were playing Mahjong,the Mahjong smelled stink. Eee...
Not going to sleep early tonight,I am 'burning my midnight oil' watching ghost movie tonight!!! >w<
Duh...the clock is 'singing' again...
I did something very embarrasing just now...=.=
The clock was singing just now and I thought it was the doorbell and I asked 'huh? got people come?'
They just finish playing Mahjong,hahah,gamble ah! I am going to report to the police. XD
The rain finally stops.
It has been raining for almost the whole day,and the air is wet and moist.
Have to wake up very early tomorrow morning.
We will have to reach to LRT station very early cuz we are going to Sunway Pyramid.
Maybe...8?? Hahah...Zzzzz.
*happeee* cuz I did something "lao tu" just now,but I don't think that it is lao tu lo,it was so loving ans caring lo. ^^
Okay then,that's all for now.
Gotta go,bye + ciaoz + toodles.
Muackss :)


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