Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hungarian I Am!!

Walao eh...I am dam dam dam a hungarian,hahah!! XD
Duno whether kakak finish cooking anot,I wanna eat!! XO
She will cook a special dish today,a chicken dish.
Popo siad that it is a fried dish so...
But I don't care,for my tummy's sake,I will eat them!!
Hopefully my throat will be in a good condition after that...
Hahah,I am so happy when I am talking about food.
Mr.Kent will be treating us KFC tomorrow at Mid Valley! XD
Wahaha~ I am gonna eat sets of cheesy wedges,for my own sake!! X3
Sorry Mr.Kent,but I am going to 'rob' your wallet until I satisfy... :)
Haiz...too bad that we will be having Chemistry test tomorrow...
Lazy to study just started only ma...
Haven't play enough yet ah...T__T
Dammmmm hungry. ==
Poor tummy...T_______T
Sorry,mama can't help you...
My kakak cooked the last dish already.
I feel cheated.
Gotta go,I dun wanna be a hungarian. XD


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